Sunday, August 17, 2014

Days 16 & 17

Ugh.  Um, sorry?  Maybe I should just do two songs, every other day. 
Day 16: A Song That You Used to Love But Now Hate
This was another hard one; I can't think of any songs that I loved when I was younger that I hate now.  So...random time again! 
...Ooh, Jane Austen.  What do you know. :D

Day 17: A Song That You Hear Often On the Radio
Ehm...I don't listen to the radio too much.  I sometimes hear "Royals" by Lorde, I guess?  But I'm not going to put it on here because I have no idea of its appropriateness.


Ivy Miranda said...

Royals is an incredibly boring song, so you're not missing out on much. The opening theme to P&P on the other hand is a classic! I need to watch that again, I haven't seen it in years!

Miss Elliot said...

Yay P&P!!! I was at a recital on Saturday, and while everyone was coming in, they were playing random songs, and this was one of them!! Our whole family knows it, and we had to hush ourselves because we were too excited. :-)

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Ivy Miranda,
Haha, I was thinking as's not really a song that grabs the interest, is it? :P
IKR?? I absolutely love the P&P95 soundtrack. I need to watch it again soon too--it's a healthy habit to get into. ;)

Miss Elliot,
Wowww, how cool is that!! I love it when things from my fandoms come up in real life; it always brightens my day.
And I know what you mean about having to hush yourself as well--wayyyy too many of my fangirling Moments are done in a library. Heehee.