Friday, February 14, 2014

Disney Princess: A Boat-Load of Reviews

My apologies for my scarcity of late--this seems to be my way of opening every post, doesn't it?  Anyways.  Frozen and Tangled have "reawakened" my interest in Disney Princess, so I thought I'd do a collective review of each princess movie I've watched.  I know, it's not the usual topic of conversation 'round here...but who cares. :P

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(Diamond Edition 2009)

  • Princess: Snow White
  • Prince: The Prince (Prince Florian, Prince Ferdiand)
  • Villain: Queen Grimhilde 
I was seriously obsessed by this movie as a kid.  Now...well, Snow White can be very annoying at times, and the animation isn't the best (although it really isn't fair to compare--sink me!--this movie to the later ones), but it's just so classic, and it was such a huge part of my childhood, I can't help being charmed by it.



  • Princess: Cinderella
  • Prince: Prince Charming
  • Villain: Lady Tremaine, Anatasia, Gizella
For some reason, I never liked this movie when I was younger.  Not sure why, I just didn't.  Maybe it was because I didn't like the dress, or thought "Charming" was a stupid name, but for whatever reason, I violently protested against watching it. :P  Lately though, I've been watching clips from it and I don't know why I was so unreasonable.  Plus, it inspired Broadway Cinderella, which is one of my second- or third-favorite musicals (yes, I have more than one second- and third-favorite.  Don't judge.).

Sleeping Beauty


  • Princess: Aurora
  • Prince: Philip
  • Villain: Maleficent, Maleficent's Crow, Maleficent's Goons
Prince Philip is pretty cool for a Disney prince, I must say.  He fights dragons, and rides through giant rainbows--what's not to like? :D  Anyways.  This is one of my favorites.  There's a heroic prince, a beautiful princess, some fun fairies...yup.  Love it.  (Yes, this is silly.  No, I don't care.)

The Little Mermaid


  • Princess: Ariel
  • Prince: Eric
  • Villain: Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam
Little disclaimer here: I do not think very highly of the Little Mermaid herself.  She's a spoiled brat, although she does have some good points.  But I still love this movie.  The familial love in it, the hilarious Flounder and Sebastian, the humor in general, Ursula being a delightful villain...yep.  It's just adorable.

Beauty and the Beast


  • Princess: Belle
  • Prince: Adam
  • Villain: Gaston, LeFou, Flammers, Forkers, Lumberjacks

I mentioned in my last post that this was my favorite fairytale, and I wasn't lying.  This movie (and its corresponding Broadway musical) is AMAZING.  It's hilarious in places and sad and lonely in others.  I adore Belle's relationship with her father and her romance with Prince Adam.  I admire the emotion they managed to put into this and the gorgeous music and Belle's bookwormishness.  In other words...let's just say, I love it all! (Yes, Elsaba, I quoted you, don't sue me please. ;))



  • Princess: Jasmine
  • Prince: Aladdin
  • Villain: Jafar, Iago

This movie...I have mixed feelings about.  It has some gorgeous songs (not to mention Lea Salonga's voice!), a nice little romance (though it gets a bit ridiculous sometimes), a hero who's a bit like Flynn Ryder, and, of course, the best sidekick-guy EVAH.  But Jasmine's pretty rebellious (and immodest), and it can get a bit creepy/weird sometimes.  Not my favorite, but not my least-favorite either. 



  • Princess: Mulan
  • Prince: Li Shang
  • Villain: Shan Yu

And here's another one with Lea Salonga!  I really, really like this movie.  The dragon-thingy (can you tell I haven't seen Mulan in awhile?) is really funny, the romance-ish-thing is sweet, Mulan herself is strong without being too out-of-sorts with her family (admittedly, she runs off to war against her family's wishes, but at least she had good intentions), and it's just a fun ride.


Tangled rapunzel poster 20

  • Princess: Rapunzel
  • Prince: Flynn Rider
  • Villain: Mother Gothel

TANGLED TANGLED TANGLED FOREVER.  If you've read my glowing review of Frozen, you will perhaps have an idea of how much I adore Tangled. (I like it better than Frozen...only slightly, though!  Don't kill me, please.)  Flynn and Rapunzel and Maximus and Pascal and Mother Gothel and, well, EVERYBODY are so well-rounded and believable, and the romance is sweet and the songs are lovely and the animation is just gorgeous.
In short:  I'm a devoted Tangled fangirl. (What do you call them, anyway?  Anybody know?)




  • Princess: Merida
  • Prince: N/A
  • Villain: Mor'du (evil prince) 
  Brave is, um...not my kind of movie. :P  It does have its good points, but it's my least-favorite Disney princess movie.  Merida (and her siblings) is a brat, there's too much creepiness and Dark Evil Music, the villain is one-dimensional (in terms of characterization), and I don't much like all the talk about "changing your fate".  However, the Scottish accents are amazing, the mother is a pretty good role model, and some of the music is haunting and beautiful.




  • Princess: Anna and Elsa
  • Prince: Hans and Kristoff
  • Villain: Hans and the Duke of Weselton, and also Elsa, to some extent, I suppose...
  FROZEN IS AMAZING.  Just...amazing.  I wrote a review of it here, but if you don't want to take the trouble of reading it, my opinion, in short, is that this is a lovely, gorgeous movie with a good Christian message and awesome characters.  

And that's it, the Disney movies I've seen!  Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :)


Xochitl said...

Cool! I haven't seen all the Disney films, but I really, really love Beauty and the Beast and Tangled. The Little Mermaid has really amazing music and animation, but Prince Eric makes me feel creepy for some reason. XD
(omigosh the prove-you're-not-a-robot thing is 'True Love' today. How appropriate for a post on Disney movies)

Eva said...

GAH. I loveeeee this! (and, no, I won't sue. But you'd better keep the mint chocolate coming, just so you know ;)) It seems like you've watched every single Disney princess movie except maybe The Princess and the Frog (which I've heard is really witchy and all that so, yeah...). I still want to watch Brave 'cause, y'know, SCOTLAND, but I'll probably wait till I'm a lot older and I can just watch it casually, without any chance of my getting obsessed (I'm weird that way). Yes, yes, yes, Tangled and Frozen...BEST DISNEY MOVIES EVER :)

Natalie said...

I've recently been rewatching all the classic Disney films with my brother. They were a major part of my childhood, but I think I love them even more! The only ones I haven't seen on this list are Brave and Frozen. I opted not to see Brave since it seemed a little weird compared to most Disney princess films. I am dyyyinng to see Frozen though!!! I can't wait till it comes out on DVD!

Jack said...

Nice summaries 8-D I babysit and have watched all of these movies a lot - growing up not so much because I had brothers. I like most of them, they are fun, but Tangled and Frozen are my favourites. I love those two.

Livia Rachelle said...

I think before the new ones like Tangled came out Beauty and the Beast was my and my sisters fav (well, a few might claim Aladin). When I was little, I think I watched Cinderella more.
I nominated you for The Sunflower Blogger Award, but please don't feel pressured to participate if you don't really want to do so.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Heehee, well, I like Prince Eric most of the time, though his obsession with some random girl's voice can get a bit creepy. :P
Ooh, how fun!

It's BLACKMAIL! :D Well, actually, we did start Princess and the Frog, but it was so weird/creepy/black magick-y that we turned it off after ten minutes or so. :P The other Princess movie I haven't seen is Pocahantas.
Agreed--that makes sense. I think you'd enjoy some parts of Brave--I know I did. :)

You should definitely see Frozen! It's AMAZING. And yeah, they were a huge part of my childhood, but I still really like them. ;)

Same! Frozen and Tangled are the best. :D

Livia Rachelle,
We watched Cinderella a lot too, actually. :)
Aw, thanks! I am planning to participate; the tag, &c. should be up in a week or so. :)

Thanks for commenting, everyone! :)