Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day Nine: A Song That You Can Dance To

Y'know what, I'm not even going to explain this.  I dare you not to want to dance with this song.


Naomi Bennet said...

You were right... I had my toes tapping IMMEDIATLY.

Miss Elliot said...

So hard to believe that this is from Star Wars!! What??? Hahaha. Good pick!! I definitely want to dance, but can't because my mom just fixed my hair for church and it's kind of fragile :-)

Melody said...

Ohhh, new header! :) I recognize the top two but not the bottom two... what are they from?

Haha, indeed, I wouldn't have expected that song when I saw it was from Star Wars!

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Naomi Bennet,
Indeed yes! This song always improves my mood, too. ;)

Miss Elliot,
I know, right?? John Williams is so versatile! And hehe about your hair being too fragile to dance in; I've experienced that before too. ;)

It's the first one in awhile that I've designed myself--it was a lot of fun! The bottom left is from "The Egg and I," and the bottom right is from Les Mis--the 1934 version. My sister and I are in the middle of the aforementioned Les Mis movie right now.
Snorrrrrt, I didn't either when I first listened to it. I had gotten a book of violin music from the SW movies, and I and my siblings played it all the way through a little bit after I'd gotten it. Most of the songs were Solemn and Sad (or epic, haha), but then we got to "Cantina Band," and burst into howls of laughter (this was a couple of years ago :P). We even recorded a few dances of it where we used plastic lightsabers as different instruments as the occasion required...ah, those were the days. Heehee.

Joanna said...

Pshhhh...I didn't even hit play and I started grooving. :-)

And, YAY for "The Egg and I"!! I noticed the new header and then saw Melody's comment, so I looked again, and *gasp* it's Bob and Betty! Ma and Pa Kettle FTW. Have you seen any of their continuing movies?

Evie Brandon said...

Goooooooo Star Wars!!!!!!!! XD

Miss Elliot said...

Have you seen the Piano Guys' Cello Wars video? It's hilarious!!