Monday, August 4, 2014

Day Four: A Song That Makes You Sad

This is a harder one than yesterday's because EVERY SINGLE SONG in a Musical Which Shall Not Be Named makes me sad. :P  But I figure, why not pick a song that's not only sad but beautiful?  Thus, "A Little Fall of Rain".


Melody said...


I do think it's probably the saddest song of all of them. :P

Mònica said...

I never have anything excessively intelligent to say, but I'm enjoying these posts!
That being said, Little Fall of Rain is so heartrending! (there's your obvious statement of the day. ;)

Miss Elliot said...

*melts into a puddle of tears*

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Ahahaha, yes. I was tempted to add in the Samantha Barks On West End one, but decided it would be TOO cruel, and anyway it might also be some infringement of something. :P
Anywayyys. I always think of Your Latest Visit With Amy when you talk about ALFOR, haha. It provides a sort of antidote to all the sadness. ;)

Haha! I know the feeling...the 30-Day Song Challenge is great, but doesn't provide too much Food For Thought. ;) I'm enjoying it, though! Finding different versions of the songs and reliving some songs that I haven't listened to for ages has been so much fun. :)

Miss Elliot,
Ugh, I'm with you there. ;) STOP TORMENTING ME, O FEELS. :P

Evie Brandon said...


Elizabethany said...

I have to say I prefer the movie version, but still...:-(