Monday, December 15, 2014

Little Things I Love About Tolkien's Works

For once I'm actually posting something when I was supposed to post it. :D  I'm really happy to be blogging again and not just thinking about it--especially since the thing I'm currently talking about is Tolkien.  Because, you know, TWO DAYS TILL BOTFA.  WHAT EVEN.
Anyways, as you probably guessed from the title, I've made a list of some of my favorite Tolkien things. Some of them are more like "Things That Make Me Cry That I Like Anyway Because I'm Insane".  Without further ado, here they are.
~Frodo Baggins.  He's inspired me in so many ways. 

~Faramir and Éowyn.  Oh my STARS, I ship them so hard.
 ~"The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen".  There's another pair I ship to the ends of Middle-earth.

~FARAMIR: one of the few fictional heroes I rate higher than Mr Knightley.
~The "Lay of Leithian"
~The poems in LotR.  Okay, some of them aren't the best, but others are just pure gorgeousness.

~Tengwar and Cirth

~Quenya and Sindarin (I'm afraid I get them sadly mixed up :P)

~"The Fall of Gondolin".  Tuor and Idril are adorable, and Glorfindel's last stand gives me chills every time.

~The Children of Húrin.  IT'S SO TRAGIC.  Especially the bits with Finduilas and Beleg.

~The Hobbit.  No matter what my mood is, TH can improve it. :D
~The History of Middle-earth volumes.  It's like behind-the-scenes videos, except with a book, and I love it.  I really wish some of those scenes had been kept in...

~Fili and Kili.  Book or movie, they're adorable.
~The fact that Thorin dragged a HARP through the Shire.

~The Extended Editions--and the movies in general.  They may not be completely accurate, but they're SO much better than what we could have had.

~The cast, both LotR and TH.  They're amazing.
~New Zealand
~Thorin's speeches :D

~On a more serious note, Aragorn/Viggo's "But it is not this day!" speech.
~Elves.  I've always loved them; probably always will.  I'm a bit like Sam in that respect.

~Elrond.  He loses (*counts on fingers* *gives up*) practically everyone he loves to mortality or death on the battlefield and he never gets bitter and I love him so much.

~Eärendel and Elwing.

~Maglor.  He's so SWEET, and he's a musician, so he gets bonus points from me.

~The Nírnaeth Arnoediad. Why is this even on the list I HATE IT.  LITERALLY everybody dies.  It's not even like LM, where at least five-ish characters survive to the end...

~"Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit"
~"Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire"

~Many, many more small moments that I haven't space or time to list here--Thranduil not being blinded by prejudice and refusing to "begin this war for gold", poor Bilbo and his cold, Merry and Pippin, Frodo defying the Witch-king, Fingolfin's desperate challenging of Morgoth...and so on and so forth. 
~Some of Tolkien's sentences.  He's one of the few authors that can make me tear up with the sheer beauty of his words.

~The fandom.  We may not totally agree, but most of the time we get along.  And Tolkiendils always come through for each other.

What do you like about Tolkien?


Elizabeth Anne D. said...

Yes, yes, yesh! I love Tolkien sooooo much. I was reading this post and nodding my head up and down in agreement the entire time. (-: I ship Faramir and Eowyn too! they are probably one of the best couples ever. <3 And aren't all the speeches so incredible and inspiring. (-: And TBOTFA!!! I'm not going to see it till after New Years with my best friend, but I'm waiting with bated breath. It's going to be soooo sad... )-:

An Elven Princess said...

Ahhh I just loved reading this post!!! So many things I love about Middle-earth as well. ^_^ Also, sometime I really would love to read more of Tolkien's works than just Hobbit, LOTR, and the Silmarillion... Speaking of which, one thing you left out that is one of my favorites in Middle-earth is Beren and Luthien. Their story is so beautiful and heartbreaking and sweet and just gahhhhh I love it so much. ^_^


Marissa Baker said...

Just re-watched the extended editions of LOTR, and I"m re-reading Two Towers. There's so much to like!

- Ents!
- Eomer. I think he's my favorite Middle Earth man
- Faramir and Eowyn
- Elvish architecture. I think I could happily spend the rest of my life in Rivendell, Caras Galadhon, or the Grey Havens
- Tolkein's world building
- Riddles in the Dark
- Dwarves. I don't even want to watch the last Hobbit movie because I know what's going to happen to all my favorite dwarves :'( It's so sad!!!
- The fact that everything and everyone has at least two names

Aspen Shannon said...

Love this post so much! Mind if I steal the idea and do something similar on my Hobbit blog?

Blessings -

~ Aspen

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Elizabeth Anne D.,
Hahaha, I KNOW!! I LOVE all the speeches the characters do, even if some of the book ones wouldn't translate so well to real life, haha.
Oh, you have to wait till after New Year's? You poor girl. :D Are you going to try to stay spoiler-free? I'm seeing it on Friday and I'M SO EXCITED. But then after New Year's I'll probably be jealous of you because you get to see it. ;)

An Elven Princess,
Haha, well, I did include the "Lay of Leithian", which is the story of Beren and Luthien, just in poem's in the Lays of Beleriand.
OHMYGOODNESS YOU'RE SO LUUUCKYYYY. :D How was it??? No spoilers--but I've heard it was AMAZING. Predictably. ;)

IKR?? I could probably do another ten posts like this and still have more to list. Eomer is AMAZING--and good point about the architecture! I'd actually really like to live in Lothlorien or Rivendell--or maybe Gondolin. So many choices...
HAHAHA. Good point about the names! I love that, though--it adds to the "legendary" feel of the whole thing, I think.
And the world building is just--I am always completely awed by the scale of Middle-earth and how much work Tolkien put into it. He was really genius.
Loved your list! :-)

Aspen Shannon,
Thanks! And no, I don't mind at all. Ooh, you have a Hobbit blog? Is it public? If so, would you mind sending me the link? (Haha, sorry, lots of questions there. :P) I LOVE Tolkien blogs, but I don't find very many of them.

Arwen Undomiel said...

SQUEEE ANOTHER TOLKIEN FANDOM BLOGGER!!!! *universal Tolkienknight high-five*

This post was awesome. FARAMIR AND EOWYN, YES! And Aragorn and Arwen and Elrond and Faramir again and how did you manage to love pretty much exactly the same things as me in this post?!

Ahem, sorry for all the capitals in a first comment, but Tolkien fan blogs are the best and I by nature freak out whenever LOTR/TH is discussed;)

If you ever want to read the scrambled fangirlings of a fellow Tolkien-lover, I blog at

Awesome blog you've got going on!

Blessings in Christ~

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Hahaha, I had that exact same reaction when I found your blog! ;-) And "Tolkienknight"...what a cool word! I don't think I've heard that term before.
Hahaha, IKR?? Farawyn is the BEEEST.
Bahaha, no need to apologize! I get into capital-letters a LOT while fangirling, especially Tolkien-fangirling. :D
I really like your blog! I ought to comment takes me forever to comment on people's blogs. I don't know why. :P
Thank you very much! :)