Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 30: Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year

This is the of the 30 Song Challenge.  *sniffle*  It's been fun!  And I've posted a lot more than usual, which has helped to get my creative juices flowing (even though I got behind a lot--sorry!  I appreciate your patience. ;)).  I already have new ideas, and Regular Posts will resume after Labor Day.

Moving on from favorite song at this time last year was definitely "On My Own".  I had just discovered Les Mis and Éponine was my very favorite character. (Wow, I've liked LM for over a year...0.o WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN.)  Now, I still like it, but I'm not sure if it's my favorite--I think I listened to it too much for awhile. :P 


Melody said...


But you knew that. Haha. What's your favorite version of it, btw? Mine is Samantha Barks'. For the reasons I've listened before on how I do and don't like people to sing that song, heehee.

Miss Elliot said...

Oh my word!! I am singing this for an audition in a few days, and I couldn't believe it when I saw this song on here!
Oh my goodness, her voice.... soooo good. What I said about that audition? Well. I give up.
Aww, the end of the 30-day song challenge. I'll miss it... ;-)
This might be one of my last comments for a while. We start school the day after tomorrow!!