Friday, June 21, 2013

Time Marches On

...and it's Friday again, so I'm doing another interview with VK.  Each of us picked five questions and combined them, and now the other's character has to answer all ten.  This time, VK's character Rose and my character Rosamond are answering the questions.  Rosamond's answers to the questions should be up on VK's blog soon, and without further ado, here are Rose's answers!

1: What is your name. 

My Name is Rose Du Roy' Eaglewing

2: How many siblings do you have? 

I have one big brother, two little sisters and two little brothers. 

3: What do you imagine doing as an adult. 
I am a finder, that is all I am that is all I ever hope to be. 

4: Using one word describe yourself.

5:What is your favorite color. 

Red, A bright rose red. 

6: What is your favorite sport?


7:What is one thing you wish you could do?

I don't know if there is anything I can't do. I find a way to do anything. I wish though My father was still around. I kind of miss him. 

8:What is your favorite school subject?

I don't know exactly. I liked school I really did but I liked what I liked when I liked it and don't you dare try to get me to do something else at that time. Ma let me learn at my own pace I am all over the place as far as grades go but Ma says that is Ok as long as I learn and know how to find information. 

9:What is your favorite book?

What is a book.... VK what is a book. 

A scroll Rose. 
OH!!!! I see! Ummmm We have a lot of really great stories from my world and I have read them all... multiple times. Favorite, I have none I will read what I want to when I want to if I want to. 

10: What is your favorite hymn?

A shelter in the time of storm
Thank you to VK and Rose!  

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