Monday, June 10, 2013

Can You Hear the Clennams Sing?...

Hi all!
I haven't posted for a while, and that is simply because I had nothing very interesting to say.  Now, however...
First, let me just say that I just found out Chauvelin's first name!!!  How cool is that?
(By the way, it's Armand.  Any and all who are members of the Down With Armand! Club are welcome to use this little tidbit as they wish.)
I am one of those people who thinks that everything can be improved with music.  I'm reading Little Dorrit right now (it's by Dickens, in case you didn't know), and I began to think what a great musical it would make.  You could have all sorts of sad songs sung by (who else?) Amy Dorrit, and a bunch of awesome duets by Clennam and Amy (Little Dorrit is just too lengthy to type all the time), and Mr. Dorrit could have some funny with lots of hemming and hawing, heh heh...
But I'm getting ahead of myself.  I wanted to state the reasons that Little Dorrit would make a great musical in a logical order.  But it's not too late!
My reasons are, first, that Lady Catherine desires it that the storyline is just great musical material.  It can be condensed without taking anything away,  so the actresses and actors don't have to stand on a stage singing for four hours straight.  (Sorry, BBC.  I love the length of your movies.  But it just wouldn't work for a musical.  Probably.  But what do I know??)
ANYWAY.  The storyline is pretty much this: A girl named Amy Dorrit has been born and brought up in a debtors' prison, where her widowed father has been for the last twenty-two years.  A man named Arthur Clennam meets her one day because she works at his mother's house, feels sorry for her, and tries to help her.  Then he and his friend discover that the Dorrits have inherited a fortune and are now extremely rich.  That's as far as I've gotten, but I know that Spoiler!! Clennam marries Amy, who is hopelessly (and I mean as in she doesn't think her love is returned) in love with him.  End of Spoiler.
The end.
Wouldn't that make a very convenient musical storyline?  Excellent song material- which brings me to my next point.
Just off the top of my head, I can think of a lot of songs that could be made out of that.  When the family discover that they're rich, when being rich and not having to work and traveling is so unfamiliar to Little Dorrit, when Clennam realizes he loves her...and those are just a few examples.  Nearly all the plot points are great for songs.
Let me see, what was my third point?...Oh yes, that many of the Dickens works have been made into very good, if not popular, musicals.  Oliver Twist, for example. Or A Tale of Two Cities.  Those are both pretty good musicals and Oliver Twist, at least, used to be tremendously popular.  I think another musical adaptation of one of Dickens' works would be very well received.  Assuming it was good, of course, but that's another matter altogether.
Fourth, it's a really good story.  There has already been a pretty successful and (from what I hear, anyway) very good movie made out of it, and I think a Little Dorrit musical would be well received.
So those, in brief, are my reasons for wanting a Little Dorrit musical.  I'm thinking of doing a dream cast, please comment and tell me whether you like my idea or not.  I'm not very familiar with singers/actresses/actors either, so if you could give me suggestions for a dream cast, that would be extremely helpful!  :)
Oh yeah, and while I'm not a composer, I am a bit of a poet and you did not know it! so I just might write words to future songs in the (hopefully!) future musical, Little Dorrit.

Notes: My apologies for this short post.  As soon as I finish Little Dorrit, I will write a review of it, so keep a lookout for that.  I think that's it...
And please comment and tell me what you think of a Little Dorrit musical!
-Miss Jane Bennet

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