Friday, June 7, 2013

An Interview With My Partner

Before I get to the main point of my post, let me give a big thank you to Anne-girl for organizing the June Crusade!  It must take a lot of work to set up all the activities you've planned for June, and I really appreciate it.  So, thank you, Anne-girl!!!

And now...
The lovely VK, who blogs at Singin' My Own Song, is my partner in the June Crusade.  We are doing several activities together, and we decided to interview each other and post our partner's answers on our respective blogs. So without further ado, here are her answers!
1. Where is your favorite place to write?

Either on my bed or at my desk. I come up with scenes while going on walks or doing yard work.

2.  Do you prefer typing or writing by hand?

Since it is really hard to read my handwriting and I hate holding pencils (They hirt) I prefer typing. 

3. What is your favorite genre?

Sci-Fi or Hi-Fi 

4. Why do you like to write?

A couple of reasons one, It gives me a time to let my emotions out without hirting myself in the prosses. As Kendra once said Authors are the only people in the world who can come to the dinner table and sit down and announce that they have killed someone that day without anyone thinking twice about it. 

Second: I want to be like my sister. I always have and since she is a published Author I want to be one too. I am not that good but I enjoy doing it anyways. 

5. Do you like to write poetry or any other type of writing besides novels?

My first love is poetry. I have written about forty songs/poems about twenty or so are published the rest are in notebooks and documents waiting for me to rewrite them again and again till I know it is ok to be published. Some though I never will because they are... personal. Most of my songs have been lost due to the fact that I never wrote them down. There was a time in which I wrote a new song daily but since I didn't know how to write it down at the time I never got them on paper. (Not that they were any good.)

6. What is one weird fact about you?

One weird fact. People say I am weird all the way around. I was home-schooled, I tiptoe, I talk to animals, I used to preach to my goat, I used to scratch my back like a dog, I don't wash berries when I pick it off the vine, Messes drive me nuts. My way of dealing with my temper is moving dead branches and putting them in the burn pile. and the list can go on. It is almost daily when I am out that somebody raises an eyebrow at me. (Which is another weird thing about me, I like getting that look. I think eyebrows are so cute.) 

7. What is your favorite thing to do besides writing?

Music, horses, and children with special needs take up most of my time. I love to teach I love to learn. I sew, I train my rabbits, I draw, I do photography I fiddle, People call me a jack of all trades and the master of none. I say I know enough about it to get in trouble but not enough to get back out. 

8. What do you do when you get writers' block?

I go for a walk, I read a book, I talk to my sister and tell her what I am trying to do and if I can't get out of it that way I switch books and work on another one. I have ignored Akeaka, Cloaked, The great Cowboy Round-up, and most of my other stories for months because I don't know what to do with them. 

9. Where do you want to live when you grow up?

I want to live on a large ranch with lots of horses and adopt special needs children.I don't care where I haven't really studied very many places and except for the heat it is quite nice where I live now. 

10.  Which character was the most fun to write in your story?

Jack Bell. A boy who invents things, is my favorite of the boys and Rose Eaglewing is my favorite of the girls. 

So that is VK!  You should see my answers to her interview up on her blog within a couple days.  :)
Again, thank you to Anne-girl for making this possible!
-Miss Jane Bennet

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Kendra E. Ardnek said...

Congratulations on thy first interview, dearest little sister! You did very good!