Saturday, June 28, 2014

Plot Bunny #3

Sigh, I am afraid that I won't be able to complete the Plot Bunny Challenge.  Life all of a sudden caught up with me, and my creative juices got tired. ;)
But I may continue this into July, because it IS fun and I need to get back to writing.  Without further ado, here is Plot Bunny #3!
I got this idea when my grandmother and I were sitting at a red light one day.  She jokingly suggested that there were little squirrels inside the lights that operated them, and of course I took that and ran with it.
Here's the book blurb:
Ever since Thomas Edison invented the first lightbulb with the help of a highly intelligent squirrel, every public electronic device has been run by said squirrel's descendents.   Tommy, a young and somewhat clumsy squirrel, runs his own little traffic light in an intersection.  When he stumbles (literally) upon a plot to oust the furry little operators, he must rise to the occasion and try to save their livelihood, as well as keep his intersection in order underneath the critical eye of a beautiful, extremely strict squirrel-miss. 
What do you all think?  Is it so weird you doubt my sanity?
I'll be back with the first scene tomorrow!


Mònica said...

As a lover of squirrels I found this absolutely delightful!

Eva said...

Aw, I love this! It sounds wonderfully original and fun <3