Sunday, June 8, 2014

Plot Bunny #2

This plot bunny came galumphing into my head one day after I'd watched Frozen.  I wanted to writeabout a blue cloak.  Then I had an idea for a story about a handmaiden who betrays her queen somehow, and I decided that she'd had to earn back the blue cloak of a Queen's Handmaiden.

That was where I ran into snags.  First, it was a sort of political intrigue story, but I decided that that really wasn't my thing.  So it became an action/adventure story...except I'm not especially fond of Amazon princess heroines.  After trying out a dozen ideas and discarding them all, I found a plot that I thought would work.  To be honest, I still don't have too many details worked out; this plot bunny is more of an idea that may someday come into being as opposed to something I've actually started writing.
However, that said, I've written too many book blurbs to count for this one, and here's my favorite...

The queen of Kiar has always appointed a small group of handmaidens to serve her until she marries.  These girls and women, known as the Sapphire Attendants, are her protectors, ambassadors, and caretakers.  Being chosen to join this elite group, composed of young girls from any class in society, is considered a high honor.
Fifteen-year-old Esme longs to be a part of this group and serve the queen.  She seems perfect for the role; her family has a history closely connected with the royal family, and she is skilled in politics.  When the new Queen Elise is coronated and selects Esme to be one of her handmaidens, she is thrilled.  But on the day when she is to don the blue cloak of the queen's honored assistants, she learns of a plot against the new queen.  Her pride causes her to make a foolish decision, and when disaster strikes, Esme is determined to make things right and earn the blue cloak of a Sapphire Attendant. 

Esme after her Mistake.
And here's the first scene:

 My name is Esmeralda Laureline Celandine Percy, and I am going to be an utter failure and make a fool of myself in front of all the world.
The aforementioned Esmeralda heaved a dramatic sigh and would have flung herself across her bed had she been in her bedroom.  She was not really nervous in the least (well, maybe just a bit), she had never felt like a failure, and nobody ever called her Esmeralda.  She couldn't be bothered to listen to her whole name anytime anyone wanted her, and so by the time she was five, everyone called her "Esme".  They really hadn't had a choice. 
Currently she was writing in her journal.  She supposed that it was a childish habit and wouldn't have time for it when she became a handmaiden (if she became a handmaiden, she reminded herself), but it was such a romantic activity and very soothing whenever she became nervous or angry. 
The latter happened more often than she would have liked.
No, I won't be an utter failure.  I am DETERMINED to be a handmaiden.  Ever since the Inspectors swept through (what a nice phrase) Kiar last year and picked ME as one of the candidates...well, I'm practically there already!  And I've been training for this role all my life.
What good fortune it is that I should have been born fourteen years before the old queen died!  Imagine, just one year later and I wouldn't be old enough for this task.
But indeed, I'm deeply thankful for this.  Oh, I know I'm so silly and butterfly-ish most of the time, but I truly do think that I can do this and pledge myself to the queen.
Oh, I hope I succeed!  Just think of what  Mother would say if I failed...
Actually, Esme didn't want to think about what her mother would say.  She put down her pen and and sat still for a moment.  Then she leaped up and checked her reflection in the looking-glass one more time.
Just as she had determined that she looked her best and that were no stray wisps of pale gold sticking out of her elaborately-arranged hair, her mother bustled in and began to do the same thing.  
"Esmeralda!  You do look lovely.  Oh, I'm sure you'll do well.  The queen will simply adore you, I'm sure.  But HURRY, darling!"  With an abrupt change of demeanor, Esme's mother looped her arm through her daughter's and almost dragged her from the room. "The carriage is ready and waiting.  Now, remember, DON'T crumple that lovely dress when you sit down...and let the footman hand you IN!  Don't leap in or out.  You MUST behave like a lady of society.  You're too...independent.  It's UNSEEMLY."
Esme sighed, half-smiled, and stepped into the carriage.  


Mònica said...

The little bit you wrote up there was very interesting, and I like your writing style!

Anne-girl said...

Lovely concept! I'm a sucker for anything with politics and i love the idea of a blue cloak, the one in frozen is quite lovely.

Elizabethany said...

This is so cool! Keep it up!

Jack said...

That is brilliant! I don't really like political stories, but this one sounds new and interesting!

Kiri Liz said...

Love this!! The cloak concept is quite fascinating!!

Emily said...

Hello! I'm just leaving a comment to let you know I have tagged your for the Sunflower Blogger Award. You can find my post for it here:


Kassandra said...

It sounds fantastic, bravo!! It's a very unique idea, and I'm intrigued. Very excited to read more. :)