Monday, June 16, 2014

Guest Post!

Hello, everyone!  This is just a little note to let everyone know that the lovely Dashwood sisters over at the P&P95Forever Club have kindly invited me to guest post!  You can read my little rant here. =)


Tram Chamberlain said...

bravo to a well-thought and well-written analysis of mr. darcy as portrayed by colin firth! thank you for putting into words what many of us feel deeply without having the wherewithal or opportunity to express ourselves.

mr. firth adds dimension to the character of mr. darcy in such a way as to elevate my pleasure of reading the book. i daresay i would not enjoy rereading "pride & prejudice" nearly so much if i had not seen mr. firth's inimitable performance. (by the way, i feel the same way about richard armitage's performance of john thornton in "north & south", but that's another swoon-worthy story.)

gratefully yours,
a colin firth's mr. darcy fan, even without the lake scene!

Melody said...
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