Monday, December 9, 2013


Today is Monday, the 9th of December.  You know what that means?
 Yes, it means we're free to squeal and fangirl over Faramir Lord of the Rings, because our blog party is officially starting!
Yes, yes, we know, but who can resist a picture of P&P95?  Besides, it looks festive. ;)

We've been waiting for this party since late September with ever-increasing eagerness, and we are simply thrilled that it's finally coming together and starting.  You've been waiting since last month, and hopefully you're as eager for it to start as we are. ;)  We're really excited about the events this week, which will include:
  • An amazing guest post or two
  • A game/competition
  • A collection of random LotR stuff for your amusement
  • Character analyses
  • And a special surprise...
Of course, you can also expect a lot of other fun things, but there's a little taste.  And now, LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!


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-The other Moi

serena said...

What a great idea! I love LoTR :) I only just discovered your blog today--is it too late to join in the blog party, and if not, how do we participate?

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Thank you! It certainly isn't too late; the party just started! ;) All you need to do is fill out the tag, and we'll have some fun activities later on in the week that you can do if you like. And, of course, comments are always welcome. ;)