Friday, December 13, 2013

At Long Last...

Well. Today is the 13th of December, the day which LotR fans, Hobbit geeks, Tolkiendils, and fantasy lovers have been waiting for since...since birth. (Sorry! ;)) Actually, since December 14th, 2012, when The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey came out.
Yes, today is the day on which The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug is coming out, and we are both tremendously excited. As in, TREMENDOUSLY EXCITED!!!
This is what we're doing right now.  For a different reason, of course. ;)

Neither of us are getting to see it right away (Eowyn has to wait until later today, and Miss Jane has to wait a WEEK ;P), but we're still celebrating today because that's when it's coming out and available to watch. We'll both be keeping out an eager eye for reviews.
We're enthusiastic about Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug in particular, and about seeing (hearing?) him and Martin Freeman interact, because we've been watching some of Sherlock recently. And if he demands silence in any way, shape or form, we're going to be thrilled to tears.
Martin Freeman we KNOW will be good, so we certainly don't need to worry about him, but we're super excited (we need a thesaurus ;)) about him as well.

Eowyn loved and was enraptured by the first Hobbit movie; Miss Jane took some persuading, seeing as she wasn't too interested in LotR (Note from Jane: Don't kill me!  Please! ;P) when Journey came out. But now, we're both practically hyperventilating over the awesomeness of it all; this has fulfilled 364 days of waiting, and we're hoping that it will live up to our expectations (it WILL. It's just not possible for this movie to not be good.), and we're already looking forward to the third movie next year...
So happy Hobbit-release day!! :)

Who's going to see the premiere? What are your thoughts on it?


Joan said...

I heard it was terrible. I don't know when I'll see it, but a friend said it didn't follow the book at all.

AnElvenPrincess said...

Oh, never mind on my comment on your last LOTR blog party post, I got my answer here. ;)

Don't believe the nay-sayers!! I went to the midnight premiere last night. Let me tell you, I was totally blown away by it. While AUJ is light and happy and even a bit slow, DOS really picks up the pace and gets much darker. It compliments the first movie really well, and it's SO freaking epic. :D :D

It does deviate a bit from the book. But as you know, the Hobbit really doesn't have much description and couldn't transfer to film very well, especially in this day and age, so with that said, I loved the things they expanded and added and adapted. Honestly, I think I liked it better than the book's story. DON'T GET ME WRONG I LOVE TOLKIEN AND THE BOOKS SO MUCH, but this is a completely different genre, so it had to be different, and I like the differences they made. Tauriel is super cool, love her addition. She was seriously needed; there are literally only two other girls in the entire movie (Bard's daughters). I also love how they expanded Bard's story. He is so awesome, and he really needed to be more than just the "shoot the dragon" guy, and they achieved that SO well. Thranduil - cracked me up. XD LOVED HIM. I'm serious. He was just so fabulous. ;D Beorn was a little weird...but it worked. I liked him better in the book. Legolas was..interesting. He's better in LOTR. But he's still really cool, and I like what they did with his story in in. (Btw....TAURIEL AND LEGOLAS FOREVER ^_^)

And Smaug...I can't even. Definitely one of the best, if not THE best, part of the movie. Cumbersmaug...just...SO seriously perfect. The animation, for one thing, was ASTOUNDING. Best dragon I have EVER seen. EVER. I was telling my sister earlier...he's a very handsome dragon. With an ego to match. ;) You'll love him. Benedict just did such an amazing job with him. :D

So, that was really long..but I wanted to assure you that, yes, it's different, but it's an insanely good different. You'll like it. :D

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Well, the first one didn't really follow the book either, so I guess it just comes down to preference. :)

SQUEEP YOU GOT TO SEE IT AND GO THE THE PREMIERE YOU ARE SO LUUUUUUCKY!!! Thanks for the long comment about it; I drank in every word. ;) ESPECIALLY ABOUT SMAUG. I KNEW he'd be awesome, because...Benedict Cumberbatch. 'Nuff said. ;)
Well, the first movie was different from the book too, and I can't decide between them! But most of my family likes the movies better, so you're in good company. :)
Thanks for that mini-review of sorts; I'm glad you got to see it! :)

Zoë Quinn said...

Good evening, Miss Bennet!

I just recently discovered your blog (approximately half an hour ago), and am greatly enjoying your posts on LotR characters, themes, etc.! I hope to return at some point in the near future to read your other posts on classic literature.

A note on The Desolation of Smaug - I was privileged to see the movie with my dad and brother this morning, and it was entirely AMAZING!!! I can't add much to what "AnElvenPrincess" wrote about it in her comment above, except to say that, despite (or perhaps because of) several major departures from the book, it was fifteen times better than An Unexpected Journey - it was an excellent movie and a truly incredible experience! It will meet and exceed all your expectations!

Have a lovely day!
~Zoe Quinn