Friday, June 7, 2013

Character Tag

Anne-girl has challenged the characters to answer some questions about their authors.  I got tagged by VK- or rather, Kate got tagged by VK.  I told Kate to answer them, so with much grumbling, I'm handing the mouse over to her.  I'm dreading her answers...
Switch to Kate.

Hi!  I'm Kate.  This is my sister Melody.  Apparently I have to answer some questions about my author.  Since she controls my every move, it shouldn't be hard.
1. Describe your author in one word.
Rather strange...oh, wait- that's two words.  Just "strange" then.  ;)
2. If your author had a theme song, what would it be?
A theme song, huh?  Probably something by Handel.
3. If you could pick an actor to play your author, who would it be?
A young Amanda Root, maybe.
4. What are your author's strengths?
She's kind and thoughtful...
5. Weaknesses?
Impatience and lack of focus.
6. What type of laugh does he or she have?
A high, quick one.  Sometimes it's a low chuckle, too.
7. Any strange hobbies?
Umm...she used to fence...she used to dance...she likes to get up insanely early...;)
8. What was the weirdest thing she did for her writing?
She bought a pretty notebook and then wrote in it nonstop for twenty pages.  :)
9. If you could make her do one thing differently, what would it be?
Lots of things.  :)  Well, really only that she'd actually keep writing a story till she's done.  It's a bit hard on other characters to be inside an unfinished story.
10. What is your favorite thing about her writing?
Her characters.  ;)  Well, actually her plot devices.  :)

I finally wrestled the mouse away from Kate, so now I'm back again.  I really liked this tag!
-Miss Jane Bennet

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