Friday, June 14, 2013

An Interview With My Partner!

Well, I'm doing another interview with VK today!  This time the interview is about the stories we're writing.  So, here goes!
1: Give a brief synopsis 
Eaglwing family looses Dad, Eldest brother seriously wounded. family decides to join the crew of strangers from the sky. 
Death strikes, Faith is shaken, Friendships made, Babies born. It is all in the life of the six month voyage there and back. 
2: What is the lesson you are trying to teach. 

I wanted to show how, even though someone is a christian we can mess up, I also wanted to Kind of do a spoof on the Noah ark story, What would it be like after such a catastraphy took place.
3: What inspired this story

Star Trek... Yep it is one of my favorite non christian series. I like how they weaved in Morales into the story without really blatantly saying it. 

4: How does your mood affect your book? 

Quite a bit. If I am upset I am very likely to kill a character, if I am happy I bring in Elsie and Elise. If I am dealing with a problem I work it into the story. About halfway (Chapter ten) through the book My pastor informed me that the School was writing essays on why they were pro-life. This fact would not leave me alone so I worked it into the story. 

5: Do you like to eat, drink or have anything playing (Mozart, and such) while writing. 
For me I write better if I have a glass of tea and a platter of chocolate chips with sound tracks of my favorite songs playing. No I don't do Mozart for if it doesn't already have words put to it I will focus on putting words to the song instead of writing the story. 

6. Do you like writing in a notebook or on a computer better?

I prefer a Computer. 

7. Was it the characters or the plot that first inspired your book?

The Characters, My original idea was to have Elm (original name was Author) married to a girl named Kathwren (Original name was Gwen)  and that they were the captain and first officer of this space ship from a world at the edge of the milky way galaxy then I decided I needed to move it so I sent it to Andromeda then I discovered that the people were just to complex so I backed up the series to before Kathwren was born and intorduse Elm and Oak... even then it is too big so I have backed it up even further and written a few legends to give the people whys and hows to their insanity. 

8. What type of scene do you enjoy writing the most?  i.e. sad scenes, celebration 
scenes, etc.

I am a tragedy writer. I have never really fit into a crowed myself so I like to take one of my emotions and develop a story around it. My personal favorite is bitterness. I have harbored a lot due to a person who expected more out of me than I was capable. Then they suddenly died and I was left in almost shock as I discovered what I had done due to the fact that I was so angry at them and then I turned it to myself and basically crumpled. 

9. What is the biggest way this book has affected your life?

It has given me a sense of confidence. I can write, I can do it. It may not make complete sense, it may not be completely coherent but it works and it is down on paper. There is no feeling greater than when you complete something you were told you would never be able to do. 

10. Are any of your characters based on a real person or a character from a different book?

They actually kind of all are, Each character has a person or persons I base it off of. Someone I can watch then when I place them in a situation in which I really don't know how they would react I will, go to that person and ask what they would do in this place. Elsie and Elise for instance is Kendra, (my sister) and Elm and Oak are based of two men I know. LOL 
Thank you VK!!!  :)

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