Saturday, May 25, 2013

A New Idea!

I felt so guilty by leaving off like that- I couldn't have that post be my accomplishment of the day.  That's not the way to endear this blog to people.  So...
Without further ado...(this is a lot of further ado)
Let me present my EXTRA post of the day!
(I've been sitting here thinking for a while because I couldn't think of a good subject for an extra post.  This is why I need feedback.  I'm too much like Harriet Smith for my own good.)
But I FINALLY thought of a subject: A quiz!  It's a little too early in this blog's history to be asking for people to join.  BUT I do want attention (to this blog, anyway) and I thought a quiz would be a good idea.  I love personality quizzes myself, so let me introduce:
Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You? quiz.
There are so many of these out there that it's kind of pointless to make another one, but I like taking lots of these.  I tried to make it somewhat unique, though.
Without further ado (again!), here are the questions:
       1. You are listening to music.  It is:
a)      Over-the-top, dramatic opera.
b)      Whatever the rest of the family is listening to.
c)       Any sort of good quality music- you aren’t picky.
d)      Adventurous, scary music!  Anything exciting!
e)      Sweet, low music- maybe cello or viola.  Or oboe.
f)       Ridiculous, redundant music that you can make witty remarks at.
g)      You wanted to listen to classic, but your sister likes country, so…
h)      You just like changing the channels.  It gives you a feeling of power…

      2. Your mom or dad tells you to wash the dishes.  You:
a)      Don’t really want to, but you’ll just do it fast and get it over with.
b)      Sure!  You love your dear family.
c)       Do it, and break half the plates while daydreaming about wild adventures.
d)      Oh, you’re so glad you can be helpful!  You don’t deserve such kindness.
e)      Are undecided as to whether you should dramatically protest or be saintly and do it without complaint.
f)       Do it.  Chores first, pleasures later.
g)      No way!  You can get one of your many devoted friends to do it for you.
h)      Why not? You can chat with your sister, who rinses the dishes.

      3. Somebody breaks a little bracelet you made in first grade.  What do you do?
a)      Clean it up and throw it away.  It wasn’t much use; it was just gathering dust.
b)      You didn’t deserve the opportunity to make it anyway.  You clean it up immediately.
c)       You’re sure it was just an accident.  You liked that little bracelet, but you can forgive.
d)      Burst into sobs and carefully gather the remains of it into your arms.  Later, you hold a private funeral service for it.
e)      Make a clever joke to ease the tension and then clean the bracelet up.  Any slight pangs you might have felt, you quickly amuse them away.
f)       Oh, dear!  The person who broke it MUST be a villain in disguise.  How could they be so cruel otherwise?
g)      The person broke it because he was staring at my beautiful friend.  He must be in love!
h)      You want to cry, but it doesn’t really matter, you suppose.

    4. You break your arm while playing alone in the yard.  What do you do?
a)      Control the pain and march into your house as fast as you can to call the doctor.
b)      HOW adventurous and daring of me!
c)       Go into the house crying quietly and call the doctor yourself; your family is away.
d)      Stagger into the house, exaggerating the pain as much as possible.  Once inside, you collapse into a chair and faint.
e)      Go into the house and call the doctor yourself; you don’t want to worry your family.
f)       Walk into the house as quickly as possible.  Your sister is alarmed and calls the doctor right away, and you make clever remarks to stop her from worrying.
g)      Go in as fast as you can, call the doctor, and then make a splint for yourself while you’re waiting.
h)      Sit down and cry outside because you don’t want to cause your family trouble.  Eventually someone finds you and calls a doctor, while you’re quietly protesting and blushing as hard as you can.

     5. You’re walking outside and you’re at least a mile from your house when it starts to downpour.   You don’t have an umbrella.  What do you do?
a)      Take shelter in a nearby building or under some trees until the downpour stops.  Then go home and change into dry clothes.
b)      Immediately walk home, covering your head the best you can.
c)       Wait under a tree and find humor in the situation until the rain stops.
d)      You wouldn’t dare take shelter in somebody’s house, so you walk home immediately.
e)      Walk home, but stay outside until somebody brings you towels.
f)       Work yourself into a fit about lurking bandits and evil storm spirits.
g)      Walk home and dry up the best you can, not wanting to trouble anyone.
h)      Oh, how romantic!  How grand!  You run around in the rain, glorying in the wet, until your sister comes out to look for you and drags you back to the house with the makings of a bad cold.
      6. The attribute you wish you had is:
a)      The means to travel.
b)      Fairness.
c)       Self-control.
d)      Wisdom.
e)      Firmness of mind.
f)       Better perception of others’ character and intentions.
g)      Boldness.
h)      Less self-control.

     7. Your biggest flaw is probably:
a)      Your extreme shyness.
b)      Your rigid concealment of emotions.
c)       Your wish to manage everything.
d)      Your wish to think well of everyone.
e)      Your gullibility.
f)       Being judgmental.
g)      Your extreme emotions.
h)      That you rarely stand firm.

      8. Your biggest enemy is:
a)      That cold, unemotional girl over there who scorns me.
b)      Oh! Nobody means me any harm!
c)       That guy who swears all the time and tries to break up my outings with friends.
d)      I shouldn’t tell you, it would be improper.
e)      The relation who always tells me I’m not as good as s/he is.
f)       Nobody’s my enemy.  I’m not worth it!
g)      Mr. Proud and Haughty over there.  
h)      That INSUFFERABLE woman who thinks she’s better than anyone else.

      9. Your best friend is:
a)      Everyone who wants to be!
b)      My sister.  But I’m good friends with my neighbor too.
c)       My cousin.
d)      My mother and sister, who are the combination of everything worth having.
e)      I don’t have many close friends.  I’m too reserved to get close to many people.
f)       Anyone who’s friendly and shares my interests.
g)      I don’t have a best friend, but many people like you well enough.
h)      Nobody is my equal in talent and intellect.

10. You have a dollar.  What do you do with it?
a)      What’s a dollar?  I have THOUSANDS at my disposal.
b)      Buy a present for my sister.
c)       Try to give it back.
d)      I wanted to get that pretty hat, but my dad wanted some beauty accessories.
e)      Buy the latest horror mystery.
f)       Go into raptures and thank the giver of the dollar again and again before you finally wander through the stores with a smile on your lips.
g)      Save it.
h)      Go to your favorite old book shop and buy your own copy of your favorite book- you’ve worn out the library copy!

And a BONUS question!

11.You just woke up, looked out your window, and saw a foot of snow on the ground.  What do you do?
a)      Sigh- this means shoveling.
b)      Feel happy, but this is bad for your delicate constitution.
c)       Leap out of bed and run outside in your pajamas.  You spin in circles in the new snow, shouting with glee, until your family drags you inside and makes you get dressed.
d)      Smile, eat breakfast, do your chores, and then go outside and play in the snow with your sister(s).
e)      Build a snow fort and play War or Robbers with your siblings. Or curl up and read that new horror mystery.
f)       This has put you in a very good mood, and you make your family laugh nonstop during breakfast with your wit.  Afterwards, you go outside and play enthusiastically.
g)      You want to play in the snow, but you have to run some errands first. 
h)      Yay, I suppose.  

Please give me your answers in a comment and I'll reply with an answer within a few days.  
I hope you like this quiz!
Note: Any resemblance to another quiz is purely coincidental.  I did not mean to copy anyone else's quiz and if this is similar to another quiz, please let me know and I'll change it!
-Miss Jane Bennet


Anonymous said...

I did the quiz, and it was really fun. you should try it! My answers were:
1. b
2. h
3. h
4. f
5. b
6. f
7. f
8. h
9. f
10. g
11. d
-Laura Ingalls

Miss Jane Bennet said...

You are:
Elizabeth Bennet!
And I am Jane Bennet. ;)
Thanks for taking this quiz!
-Miss Jane Bennet

Miss Emily Rose said...

Here are my answers. I did enjoy this one. :)
1# c
2# a
3# e
4# d
5# h
6# d
7# c
8# d
9# d
~ Miss Emily Rose

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Miss Emily Rose,
You are Marianne Dashwood!
Sorry I can't give you a picture.
Thanks for taking the quiz! I'm glad you liked it! :)

Melody said...

Oh, how fun, a quiz! :)

1: Mmm... none. Haha. I guess E. (Cello and viola are nice, but I doubt I'd listen to oboe just 'cause...)
2: Hahaha, E.
3: Uhhh... H. (But maybe C. Almost D, hahahaha. I'll go with H though.)
4: Really none, but... I guess G.
5: C. (But almost H, ha. Rain and cold really don't cause colds though... if you're already coming down with one, though, it makes a bigger chance of it setting in.)
6: G.
7: G...
8. B
9. Ha, definitely none of the above. So I'll think about before my best friend came into my life, which is still really none but I'll say... F.
10. Totally G.
11. F.

Thanks! :) Good job coming up with these questions. I know how hard it can be!

Miss Jane Bennet said...

You are actually in a three-way tie. Will you answer this tie-breaker question?
Your thoughts on music are:
a) I love, love, love, love, love it! Love it!
b) It's okay, I suppose.
c) Oh, yes, I like music. It's a great enjoyment for me.
Thanks again!
-Miss Jane Bennet

Melody said...

Ah, yes. I am never one particular JA heroine, I think. ;)
Most accurate answer to the tiebreaker would be... A.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

You are:
Marianne Dashwood! (Rather predictably.)
Sorry about the lack of pictures. :D
-Miss Jane Bennet

Anonymous said...

Did you miss my answers?
I posted them last week.

Anonymous said...

I just realized I actually don't think I sent in my answers. Here they are:

Miss Jane Bennet said...

I'm sorry, I didn't get your answers last week. However...
You are Jane Bennet!
Thanks for taking this quiz! :)

Marie said...

Love it! My answers are:
Thanks for doing this!

Miss Jane Bennet said...

You are...
Jane Bennet!
Thanks for taking this quiz- I'm glad you liked it! :)

Miss Elliot said...

I found your blog from the P&P95ForeverClub. I started at the beginning (because that is what I like to do when reading blogs) and I love it. I only started blogging myself about a month ago.
So here goes:
5)c. I'd definitely stay outside, though! :-)
I love quizzes. And I remember the days when I like a red coat well enough. And I do still, in my heart.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Miss Elliot,
I'm glad you're enjoying my blog! I'm very happy to "meet" you--and also, I adore getting comments on old posts. Haha. ;) (I tend to do the same thing with new blogs I find--read through from the beginning, I mean. :))
Anyways...ahhhh, I see you are a fellow Janeite! And going by your blog sidebar, a Mizzie as well? *cough* I may be getting just the tiniest bit nosy here. :P
Ummm, moving on from that...your results! *drumrollllll*
You are...
Elizabeth Bennet!
Thanks for doing the quiz! :)

Miss Elliot said...

Thanks so much!! And yes, hehe, I am a 'Mizzie', even though I haven't seen the movie. I want to though!! The ages in our household (excluding are parents) are 4 to 14 (me) and we usually watch movies together, and we were thought rather young to watch it (probably with good cause :-).)
Thank you for following my blog! :-)