Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Contest!

Well, I'm doing another P&P95Forever Club contest!  This time, we have to find a picture and write an appropriate caption.  I'm not sure if mine counts since it's two pictures, but I'll enter it anyway...
Here it is!

And there it is!
(Sorry about the size, if it was any bigger it wouldn't fit on this post.)
-Miss Jane Bennet


Melody said...

BAHAHAHAHA oh my word. That really made me laugh. :D

Miss Elliot said...

"A heart full of EW!"
Oh, hopelessly in laugh. So funny, so funny.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Ehehehehe. I nevuh answered this...well, anyway, thank you! I'm glad I provided Amusement. ;)

Miss Elliot,
"Hopelessly in laugh"? That is a GREAT saying. I MUST USE THIS OFTEN. ;)
Anyways, thank you! I'm still rather proud of this one. ;)