Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sunflower Blogger Award

 I have been nominated by Livia Rachelle for the Sunflower Blogger Award!  Thank you!  I'm not very good at thinking up introductions, so I'll just jump right in.

1. Share 11 facts.
2. Answer nominator's questions.
3. Set your own questions.
4. Nominate 11 more bloggers.

My Eleven Facts
1. I can knit, but I usually only knit bookmarks, and I used to know how to crochet.
2. I cannot resist getting sweatshirts/sweaters if I find a nice one.
3. I slightly prefer Tangled to Frozen.
4. One of my favorite authors is Jack Cavanaugh.
5. I rarely get plot bunnies that don't just peter out and die, but when I do, they usually turn into an immensely detailed outline of a book that I can't get out of my head.
6. I've always wanted to play viola, though I have no problems with violin.
7. One time, I pulled out a tooth that was barely loose because I was wiggling it while reading an exciting book.
8. I tend to keep up running commentaries during movies and squeal and jump around during the exciting/scary parts.
9. I still find Scooby-Doo hilarious.
10. I find the time period of WWI fascinating.
11. I'm a huge Star Wars nerd.

Livia Rachelle's Questions:
~What are your favorite juvenile/Y.A. fiction favorites?
Ummm...I like the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books, Freddy the Pig and its sequels, A Horse of Her Own, the Timber Ridge Riders books...ugh, my brain hurts. :P
~Thoughts on cosmetics, conventional, natural, none?
None.  I really know nothing about it.
~Would you homeschool your own children and how serious a decision is this for you?
Yes, I think I would.  I guess it would depend on the circumstances, but it'd be a pretty big decision.
 ~How do you feel about reading fad novels when they are popular such as Eragon, The Hunger Games, and The Book Thief? Do you discern serious differences in quality amongst them? Have you ever read and loved some before or after they were a fad?
Fad books.  I don't like reading them while they're a fad, because then it's kind of like I'm *just* reading them because everyone else is, not because they're actually going to benefit me.  However, I did read Eragon before it was really popular, and I read the sequels to it before I knew it was popular. ;)  I've never read THG, and don't really plan to, but I did try Divergent and found it to be a bad book, really.  The Book Thief is very well-written, whereas Eragon is less so, so I suppose that there are both amazing and awful books that are popular.
~If you could learn any language (fantasy, real and living, obscure, dead or dying) which would you learn?
Ooh...French, maybe?  Or British. ;)  I'd like to learn Quenya as well, because then I wouldn't need the little captions during LotR.
~If you could change your name to any name (again fantasy or real or obscure) what would it be?
Ahhhh...I don't know!  I like "Galadriel," but I don't think it suits me.  "Hermione" is too mainstream *adjusts hipster glasses*, "Galinda" is just ridiculous, ditto for "Eponine"...I wouldn't mind being named Elsa.  Or Jane.  Wow, I'm boring...ooh!  I wouldn't mind being called Cosette, either. =)

My Questions to the Nominees
~What's your favorite flower?
~Thoughts on dessert (favorite, least favorite, &c.)?
~Preferred method of reading books?
~Name the book/movie/TV character you'd most like to marry (and think real life, not just because they're heroic)?
~What's the fandom you most enjoy being in?
~ Have you ever tried to deduce someone like Sherlock Holmes, and if so, what was the result?

And I don't know if any blog I follow hasn't been nominated yet, soooo...if you're wearing pink right now, you've been awarded. ;)  Do please let me know if you do the tag.

-Miss Jane Bennet


Livia Rachelle said...

Haha, I like your nomination! And awesome questions! I wish I would have thought of the which character you would marry one . . .

Mònica said...

Congrats on the nomination thingamabobamagig! (How eloquent and classy I am...)
Out of curiosity, what fictional character would *you* want to marry?

Melody said...

Eehee, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle... do you remember the character named Melody in The Crybaby Cure? Well, a certain sister of mine used to tease me because she thought I cried a lot. ("There goes the weeping willow tree again," she would say. :P) And I was 8, as was the girl in the story. I was not amused. It offended me so much I felt like crying.


Did you ever read Nancy and Plum, by the same author?

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Livia Rachelle,
Thanks for nominating me! I had a lot of fun with this. :) (And I always enjoy talking about my fictional crushes, so I figured, why not. ;))

Hehehe...I think maybe Steve Rogers would be my first choice, 'cause he's so gentlemanly and old-fashioned. His face has nothing to do with it, *cough cough*. Also, I'd love Mr. Knightley. <3

Indeed, indeed I do! ;) *snort* I do the same thing to my younger sister, hahaha...perhaps not that same thing, but calling her literary names? Yes. :P She does the same to me. Hehehe...
Yes, I have! In fact, you recommended it to me. I read it and recommended it to my family, all of whom wholeheartedly enjoyed it--my dad skipped reading his own book to listen to my mom reading Nancy and Plum. ;)

Melody said...

OH DUH. Hahaha. I DID know that, my brain just wasn't functioning completely. :P
I thought it seemed like I'd asked you that before. Now I distinctly remember you saying that you read it and all that. Yes. Ha. Sorry. :P

Eva said... it weird that I knew about pretty much all the random facts you posted? ;)

Miss Jane Bennet said...

*puts on Olaf voice* Nope! Actually, I was thinking of you as I wrote my facts, wondering if any of them would be a surprise to you. ;) (WERE any of them new? Just curious. =))

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Melody, me, I've made worse mistakes. I could regale you with tales of them, but now my memory isn't working either. :P

Eva Schon said...

Hehe...yeah, a few of them were *scrolls up to see which ones*. Um...1, 2, and 7. I feel so proud of myself ;) 'Cause...NOW I KNOWWWWW! LET IT GO! LET IT GO! (sorry ;))

Natalie said...

I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!

Evie Scott said...

Miss Jane, I have compleated your tag and it's here: I have also nominated you to answer the questions I asked at the end of the post