Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Tale of Two Cities Week: Tag and Guest Post!

 Eva over at Ramblings of a Janeite is holding a Tale of Two Cities blog party, which is SO EXCITING!!  Um, anyways.  First of all, I had the privilege to guest post over there today; you can find my post here.
Secondly, Eva posted a lovely tag, which of course I had to do.  So here it is!
  • How were you introduced to A Tale Of Two Cities?
Well, I've been aware of Dickens since I was very little, but it's been only recently that I was actually interested.  I started reading some Dickens books about half a year or so ago, and started talking Dickens with friends, and Eva recommended the ATOTC musical (I couldn't read the book at the time).  I completely fell in love with it, and recently I read the book and loved it even more. 
  • Have you read the book, seen a movie adaption, and/or watched/listened to the musical? 
As I said above, I've watched and listened to the musical and read the bookI don't know if there's a good movie/TV adaptation, so I haven't watched any yet. :P

  • Who is your favorite character? 
Good grief.  Why such hard questions???  Ummm...well, I could say Charles because he's so gentlemanly and sweet, or Sydney because he's so self-sacrificial and redeemed and all, or pick a minor character...but I'm going to go with Lucie Manette.  She's like Cosette, only with a bit more personality, plus all the other characters would want me to pick her.  At least, Charles and Sydney would.
  • Who is your least favorite character? 
Madame Defarge.  She's just awful.  M. Defarge isn't that good either, but he's mostly just cowardly, whereas Madame Defarge is seriously evil, IMO.
  • What's one of your favorite scenes from the book (if you've read it)? 
Probably the seamstress scene (even though it makes me SOB).  It's just so bittersweet and gorgeous. <3 i="" nbsp="">

  • What's one of your favorite songs from the musical (if you've watched it)? 
Erm...I love them all!!  Do I have to choose just one?  Natalie Toro is AMAZING during "Out of Sight, Out of Mind," but the singer isn't enough to make me choose the song.  "If Dreams Came True" and its reprise, "Reflections," "The Wedding," and "Until Tomorrow" all make my top favorites list, but I guess my very very favorite song would have to be "Never Say Goodbye".  It's amazing.
  • Share some of your favorite quotes! (book or musical) 
 Well, the opening lines are amazing 'cause they're just so classic.  Also, any of Sydney's quotes to the seamstress, and the ending lines.  Basically, all of these. ;)
  • What was the last ATOTC-related thing you did/watched/read? 
I'm listening to the soundtrack as I write...
  • What character do you think you're the most like?
Most like?  Um.  Well, if I had a Very Good Opinion of myself, I'd say that I'm most like Lucie Manette...but if I were really like Lucie, I would be too modest to think that I was actually like Lucie.  What a paradox.
Ah, why am I even talking about this.  Okay.  I guess I'd be most like Mr. Lorry, because he's the most average/normal character, if you know what I mean. ;)
  • If you could meet any character, who would it be and why?
 Lucie would be good--she's so sweet.  Or Sydney, so I could give him a hug.  Or Charles, because he's so gentlemanly.  Can I have all three? ;)

Thanks for doing this, Eva!
-Miss Jane Bennet


Eva said...

Yay! I love your answers! :) Thanks so much for doing the tag/spreading the word.


Aspirer said...

I LOVE A Tale of Two Cities. So amazing. Thanks for this post!

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Elsaba dear,
Thanks for doing this blog party! I really enjoyed doing the tag (even if it did make me grind my teeth and tear my hair at times--favorite character? Not possible. :P)

Same! It's probably my favorite Dickens novel. It's humorous and tearjerking and inspiring by turns--I just love it. :)