Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ring Out the Bells Upon This Month of Months...

As far as I know, nobody's getting married this month.  However, this is the birthday month of a good friend of mine, Eva!  I decided to do a celebratory post for her.  I could write a really long post singing her praises, but I don't want her to blush too much, so I'm just going to list five things that I love about her.

She's a great writer 
I've read snippets of her writing on her blog, and what I've seen I really like.  You can tell she's passionate about writing and she has a lot of talent.  I'm going to beta-read a book of hers soon and I'm so excited.

She loves music and singing
Les Mis, A Tale of Two Cities, The Scarlet Pimpernel...those are a few of the things she enjoys listening to.  She's recommended a few soundtracks to me and I can't wait to find them.  She sings/hums a lot as well, which is a bonus in my book.

She's committed
Commited?  To what?  To the things she makes commitments to.  She doesn't give up or delay her projects or ideas.  She's really busy, but she keeps on doing what she's started.

She's really nice 
...Sorry, Mr. Tilney.  But she really is.  Her blog posts are always polite and courteous.  Whenever I check my email and find one from her, I always feel good because I know that I'll be able to read a long, fangirly email full of interesting or fun things and that she won't try to say anything hurtful.
Apparently Mr. Tilney is physically incapable of frowning, 'cause this was the sternest picture I could find of him.  :D

She and I are insanely alike
We're alike not only on large-scale stuff like being fangirls, but also on smaller stuff.  We have the same favorite ice cream and the same favorite composer.  We both love Robin Hood and Jack Cavanaugh.  We're both the oldest child in our respective families, and we're introverts.

Overall, she's a wonderful Christian girl.  I'm incredibly thankful to have a chance to get to know her better.  And now, there just remains one thing that need to be said...

-Miss Jane Bennet


    Eva said...

    OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS POST. I LOVED IT =) I had this insanely silly grin on my face when I saw it come up on my blog post reader and I stayed there through the whole post (and is still there as I write this comment).


    P.S. I loves that picture of Robin and Marian from the animated RH <3 *siiiiiigh*

    Miss Jane Bennet said...

    Heehee, we should do like you and Petie and form a Mutual Admiration Society. :D
    But seriously, it was really fun to do and I'm glad you liked it. My birthday is in December- I'll tell you the actual date in an email soon. :)