Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Celebrate Musicals Week: My Updated Dream Cast

So I published a dream cast awhile ago, but I'm going to do it again with my updated dream cast.  So here it is.  Please note that it's not really a "dream cast" because I'm just picking my favorite out of the people who have already been in a production of Les Mis.  This is pretty much my dream cast- if I could go back in time and get all these actors and bring them back here and put them in a production, I would certainly do so.  Sadly, I can't.  Anyway, just keep that in mind.
I hope you enjoy! :)

Jean Valjean
Colm Wilkinson is definitely my favorite Valjean.  He just seems to...I don't know, to "be" Valjean in a way no other Valjean that I've seen has.  Hugh Jackman looks most like I would imagine the brick Jean Valjean looked, and he can sing all right, so he probably gets second, and third is a tie between Alfie Boe (25thAC) and Gary Morris (CSR).

I present to you...
The One and Only Javert!  Aka Philip Quast. :D
But seriously, this guy was born to play Javert.  He's got everything...he looks like Javert, he acts like Javert, he behaves like Javert (on stage, anyway)...yeah.  I think you get the picture.  ;)

This one was harder- Lea Salonga from the 25thAC and Ruthie Henshall from the TAC are both really good, but in the end I had to go with Anne Hathaway (movie).  Her voice isn't what you generally hear for Fantine, but the movie is, well, not on stage and her acting is phenomenal.  Plus, her singing sounds the most like I've always imagined Fantine's voice should sound like.

There has never been a perfect Cosette, and Amanda Seyfried (2012 movie) is no exception.  Her singing, while being all right for a character like Cosette, is definitely not the strongest.  However, she is really pretty and makes the character naive while still being likeable.  Cosette is usually such a shallow character and I thought she added some depth to it, so she's my favorite.  Judy Kuhn from the TAC gets second place- her singing is gorgeous- and Katie Hall (25thAC) gets third.

Michael Ball is the ultimate Marius.  If you want a long, detailed, fangirly post, go here.  That's all I have to say.  :D

Kaho Shimada from the CSR is my favorite Eponine.  She was my introduction to Eponine, and I think she got the young, vulnerable aspect of Eponine like no other Eponine has done to my knowledge.  She really made me realize how young Eponine really was, and how pitiable a character she is.  Samantha Barks and Lea Salonga tie for second, and Frances Ruffelle gets third.


Ah, yes.  Enjolras.  I used to have mixed feelings on this guy, but I've now been converted to a total Enjolras fan, which many of you have probably already gathered.  Aaron Tveit is definitely my favorite Enjolras- his portrayal is closest to the brick's Enjolras, both in looks and charisma.  Ramin Karimloo (25thAC) is second (and almost got first- he is sooo good), and Michael Maguire (TAC) is third. 

This little gamin is one of my very favorite characters from the book, movie, and musical.  My favorite portrayal of him is probably Daniel Huttlestone's from the movie because I though he combined the cute, sassy gamin and the brave, angry little boy very, very well.  My second favorite is a tie between Adam Searles and Ross Mccall (both of whom got the brave, angry little boy better than the cute, sassy gamin :D) and Robert Madge is third.

Colm Wilkinson from the movie was a very good bishop.  Plus, even if he'd done it horribly, he'd still be my favorite because, seriously!  He's coming back to Les Mis!  Which is just awesome.   :)

In my opinion, Killian Donnelly from the movie completely owns this role.  Whenever I read the book, I see his face.  He isn't my favorite Enjolras or Courfeyrac, but he is my favorite Combeferre.  Also, Combeferre is quite probably my favorite barricade boy (I still can't deciiiiide, though!).


Fra Fee from the movie is my favorite Courf as well.  He looks like I always imagined Courf to look like, and his accent is awesome.  So...what can I say?  "What can I say?" sounds like a quote from something, but I can't remember it right now...ah, well.  It will come later.

It's starting to look like all the barricade boys will be from the movie, but hey, the movie's good!  George Blagden fought it out with Hadley Fraser for a long time, but I finally decided on George Blagden because I think he's the closest to Victor Hugo's Grantaire.

Jean Prouvaire
Now, Jehan Prouvaire (I always call him Jehan even though Victor Hugo calls him Jean most of the time) is my other choice for favorite barricade boy.  (Yeah...I can't choose.  I will try...eventually.  :P) He's so sweet-natured and brave.  Alistair Brammer is my favorite Jehan (he played Prouvaire in the 25thAC as well) because he manages to make Jehan Prouvaire courageous and sweet, instead of wimpy and cowardly as he too often gets labelled.

Again from the movie...Hugh Skinner is, hands down, the best Joly.  If for no other reason that his facial expressions are priceless.

I could have just summed all the barricade boys by saying that they were all from the movie.  But what fun would that be?  Anyway, Gabriel Vick is my favorite Feuilly- he looks like *my* Feuilly.

Well. Um.  Bossuet is supposed to be the oldest of the group (twenty-five, just think of it!), and have no hair at all.  Stuart Neal has more hair than Aaronjolras and I very much doubt he's over twenty.  But he's still my favorite Bossuet 'cause I really liked his performance during the barricade scenes. (*sob*)

This was the only picture of Bahorel I could find.  So, Iwan Lewis is my favorite Bahorel because he's the only Bahorel.  I was so happy they included him in the movie 'cause he's not in the musical.

The Thenardiers
Alun Armstrong and Jenny Galloway from the TAC (Jenny Galloway played Madame Thenardier in both the TAC and the 25thAC) are my favorite Thenardiers.  Finally, a break from the movie!  :)
But seriously...they are the best Thenardiers, in my opinion.  I don't care much for either of the characters, but Alun Armstrong's and Jenny Galloway's singing and acting were really good.  Plus...I don't know, they just had a certain "something" that gave the characters spice.

Little Cosette
 Isabelle Allan was the best little Cosette I've ever seen.  She was adorable, and, except for the brown eyes, she matches the brick's description.  She is really, really good.  And so cuuuute!  Wait...I think I already said that. :D

And that's my updated dream cast!

What's your dream cast?  Who are your favorite barricade boys?

-Miss Jane Bennet


Sierra Bailey said...

This is a pretty much perfect dream cast. And the barricade boys from the movie will forever be the barricade boys. You just can't separate them.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like it.
And yes, the movie barricade boys are just perfect. :)

Miss Dashwood said...

"Colm Wilkinson just seems to be Valjean in a way no other Valjean has." BRAVO. YES. Very true. :D I don't particularly care for Gary Morris on the CSR (I think he was trying too hard to sound like Colm) but I do like Alfie Boe and Hugh Jackman for various reasons, and John Owen-Jones on the 25th Anniversary Cast Recording is realllllly good too.

Philip Quast is THE Javert. Yes. World without end, amen. However, you should get yourself to YouTube with all possible speed, m'dear, and listen to a recording of Andrew Varela's Stars and Suicide. He is PHENOMENAL. Definitely my second favorite (and a pretty high second at that). I had the privilege of seeing him live in January and he was hands-down the best performer in the show.

Anne Hathaway is great. Totally deserved that Oscar. Yes.

Love your ranking of the Cosettes and YES about Amanda's singing-- but she did indeed add depth to the character.

MICHAEL BALL MICHAEL BALL MICHAEL BALL! *fangirls* Haha, I clicked the link thinking it was an old post of yours I hadn't seen yet... and then I was like, "ohhhhh, this is familiar." Heehee.

Okay, I have to disagree on Kaho Shimada's Eponine... I think she's way too whiny for the part and makes Eponine sound like a brat some of the time. But Samantha Barks and Lea Salonga are indeed great. :D

*falls into a heap of fangirly feels*
I agree with all your ranking except I'd put Jason Forbach as third because he was My Enjolras in the show I saw and he was just SOOOOOOOO GOOD.

And I seriously agree with all the other choices. To a T. I have a hard time choosing between Hadley and George for Grantaire too, but ultimately you're right, George is closer to brick-Grantaire. Always a good thing. :D And Combeferre is definitely my favorite barricade boy.

Sigh. I love the barricade boys.
But... I think you already knew that.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Oooh, I love long comments!
Well, I read your post about getting to see the show live and ever since I've been meaning to look up Andrew Varela. I haven't actually gotten to do it yet, but I'll let you know what I think when I listen to him. :)
Heehee. That sounds like fun. You and Petie's Michael Ball posts is one of my favorites ever. :)
Well. I actually don't think that Kaho Shimada did a better job than Lea or Samantha. I do really like her voice and portrayal, but mostly I stick with her 'cause she was my first Eponine and I'd never be able to decide which Eponine I liked better out of Samantha and Lea otherwise.
I'll try to listen to Jason Forbach and let you know what I think, but I do really, really like MM's portrayal as well.
AARON TVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT!!!!!!!!!!!! *melts into a puddle of fangirlism*
Hehehe...who doesn't love the barricade boys?? ;)
Thanks for commenting! :)