Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The June Crusade is OVER...

...And I'd like to express my gratitude to Anne-girl, VK, and the other Crusaders.  I learned a lot this month- about myself, about writing, about friendship.  I really enjoyed the June Crusade and my book has improved a lot thanks to VK, who blogs here.
 Emailing back and forth with her this month has been really enjoyable and enlightening.  I hope my writing has improved because of it and I hope that she has learned from me as well.
I know it must have taken a lot of work for Anne-girl to arrange the June Crusade, but I hope she knows that for one of the Crusaders at least, it was totally worth it.
There isn't really much more I can say, really.  Just...
And thank you so much, VK!
-Miss Jane Bennet


Anne-girl said...

Awww! You're so welcome Jane!

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed it too! :)