Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Last Interview

Well, the June Crusade is obviously over (I mean, it's July...) but VK and I are doing one last interview together.  We had a great time this June.  This is pretty much a thank-you to everyone who made this possible: the other Crusaders, especially my partner, and Anne-girl.  So, thank you everybody!  Here's our interview.

1: How did you first hear about the June Crusade. 

My sister told me about it.

2: How long did it take you to decide to join. 
About five seconds... I do whatever she advises when it comes to books.

3: What is one thing you have learned from it. 

I am not alone.
4: Your opinion of your partner. 


5: With one word express your opinion of it. (meaning the June crusade) 

6: How has your book been affected by your partner?

It hasn't too much. It has more given me courage to keep on. 

7: How has your partner affected your writing style?

I don't know. It has changed but I can't put my finger on how. 

8: Sum up your partner in one word.


9: Has the June Crusade affected your life at all?  If so, how?

It has gotten me interested in writing again 

10: Why did you join the June Crusade?

Because my sister told me to. 

Thanks again, everybody!!! :)  You can find my answers over on VK's blog.
-Miss Jane Bennet

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