Wednesday, February 4, 2015

MEMM: Days 1 & 2

Hamlette has started a Middle Earth Movie Meme Lineup for the month of February, and I am very happy to be joining in!  I won't be going on any particular schedule; I'll just post as I have time and make sure I finish before March. ;-)  So, I'll be doing the first two days today.

Day 01: Favorite moment/line in Fellowship of the Ring
Oooh.  There are so many great moments!  I think my favorite would have to be the bits before the council of Elrond, when everyone is riding in and you can feel the tension building and everything coming together.

Day 02: Favorite characters from each race

Elves: Legolas, no question.  Elrond is a close second, though.

Dwarves:  Ehmmm...Fili, probably, with Bofur, Thorin, and Kili tying for second and Gimli in third place.

Hobbits: Frodo, though Bilbo is a close runner-up.

Men: FARAMIR.  He's absolutely amazing.

Istari: Gandalf.  Not much of a choice here, is there? :P 

Orcs: Azog.  He was a very good antagonist. (Too good, unfortunately.  I still haven't forgiven him for BOTFA.)

And that concludes those days--I shall probably be a bit more verbose as the month goes on, haha.  Speaking of months going on, I do apologize for yet another prolonged absence.  Perhaps someday I will actually blog as much as I say I will. :P


Arwen Undomiel said...

Faramir!!! He was definitely my answer too;)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, fun. I'm looking forward to learning more about the Middle Earth Movies (heehee). Cos I'm not really in the fandom. Yet. :-)
~Miss Elliot

Sophie said...

Oooh, yes, I love that part. :D My favourite part would proberly have to be the Prancing Pony, though. That's, like, one of my favourite book chapters and film moments evah. Three guesses why. :P
(Okay, fine, I'll give you a clue. ARAGORN.)

I thiiiink my favourite dwarf would be Balin, actually. Wait, no. Tied with Kili and Thorin. Heehee. ;D

I was going to say my favourite hobbit is Sam, 'cause that's what I almost always say, but I'm not quite sure it's the truth. Bilbo might be the best. ;D Though I love Frodo tooooo... and Merry and Pippin, of course.
Okay. Giving up. Goodness, I'm indecisive.

But I thiiiink I'd still be loyal to Aragorn because he was the first character I really fell in love with.
Or maybe, y'know, they could draw. They're my two favourites in the entire thing, anyhoo.

Azog. EWWWWWWWWW. That is all.

Well, that was practically just me answering the things. Apologies. :D This is fun. I might do it on Pinterest one of these days.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

YES! He's such an incredible hero. Love him.

Miss Elliot,
Hahaha, I hope my information is satisfactory! ;-) You really should watch the Hobbit movies sometime...even if you detest the very idea of Legolas showing up yet AGAIN (as I did at first), Martin Freeman as Bilbo and Ian McKellen as Gandalf make it all worth it. Also Benedict Cumberbatch makes a magnificent dragon. :D

Miss B.,
HAHAHA this is so true! Even though Aragorn isn't my absolute favorite character, the moment where he's introduced (both in the book and movie) give me chills. They translated his book introduction so perfectly to film! (Viggo Mortensen helps too, ahahaha.)
Bwahahahaa, yes...I do like Balin, but I like Fili just slightly more. Besides, Fili needs all the love he can get from the fandom right now. :P
Haha, yeah...every five minutes, I change my favorite character, but "Frodo" is now my default setting. Haha.
But yeah, I absolutely fell in love with Bilbo during BOTFA--I mean, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Golly, he turned out well. :D
YESSSSS. FARAMIR!! He's just such an incredible hero. And I have to say, I prefer him to Aragorn--in the books, at least. In the movies...I can't decide. Movie-Aragorn might win. ;-)
EWWWW is absolutely right! Also "UGH, "ARGH," and "NO NO STOP THAT." Haha.
Haha, no need to apologize! I like to hear your thoughts--speaking of, my apologies for the extreme delay in email-answering; I SHALL reply before the week is out. :-)
Ooh yes, you should! I'd love to hear all your answers. :-)

Hamlette said...

I had no idea you were doing this meme too! (Or, if I did have an idea, I obviously forgot.) Why didn't I? Huh.

Anyway, now I shall proceed to read through the ones you've done so far and comment on them :-)

Great picks for your favorites!