Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy April!

Hello hello hello, everybody!  Good grief, I've been away for quite a long time, but now my blogger's block is gone, so here I am and hopefully nobody's too angry at me.
Anyways!  Thank you to everyone for your very helpful suggestions.  I will be using many of them in the weeks to come, and the person whose ideas I used will be credited.  To start, I'm modifying one of AnElvenPrincess's thoughts a bit and letting you all know what I've been up to lately, because those posts always interest me.

Make that tea. ;)
I've been reading a variety of books lately, from French-translated-into-German-which-I'm-translating-into-English books (more on that in a bit) to old favorites such as Johnny Tremain to beta-reads to one not-so-good (putting it mildly) book, the title of which I won't disclose. :P  The main thing I've been "reading" lately is The Little Prince--or rather, Der Kleine Prinz.  Yes, this is the aforementioned German book.  It was recommended to me by a friend recently, so I decided to attempt a translation.  Right now it looks more like the Google Translate version of "Let It Go" than anything else (no, I haven't been using Google Translate--okay, maybe a little :P), but hopefully it ends up being somewhat intelligible.


Mostly Sherlock, actually.  After a Very Long Hiatus from it because of the creepiness of "The Great Game," I'm watching it again and next up is "The Reichenbach Fall".  Yes, I am prepared to cry.  We got Frozen recently on DVD, so I've seen that twice more since I reviewed it. (I HAVE NO OBJECTIONS.  Speaking of Frozen, I now ship Hans/Elsa, or Elsan.  My Frozen sister--note the capital F :P--and I have been coming up with theories about this for quite awhile now.) Also, I've been watching some Scooby-Doo episodes because they're fun and rewatching Star Wars.  Have I mentioned yet that I love SW?  Because I do.

Actually, not much.  My NaNo novel has pretty much stalled, and my writing inspiration has gone wherever my blogging ideas did--only it hasn't come back. *le sigh*  Also, I've been pinning lots of writing things.  Because, um, it inspires me. :P  I have, however, been writing emails by the dozen and may or may not have some unfinished posts in my Drafts folder. ;)  I'm also working on two Secret Projects with other bloggers, which shall be revealed in time.


How to embroider (I got to do something Tangled-themed a few days ago, which was fun ;)), all about Napoleonic France, water color painting, how to get Skype to work when it's being Evil and Uncooperative, why one should never stay up too late for many nights in a row, and the delights of having a best friend.


At overly romantic swoons, Calvin and Hobbes cartoons, silly improvisation while acting, parodies of "Let It Go," the delightful hilarity of P. G. Wodehouse, the Amusing Antics of one Sherlock Holmes, adorable babies, and Very Loud Singing.


This is one of the main reasons I haven't been posting lately, actually.  It's all the fault of Certain People who start irresistible chats about a Certain Movie That Came Out Today (*frowns threateningly*).  Actually, I don't mind one whit.  I've been having more fun waiting for Captain America: The Winter Soldier than really makes sense. :D  Also, I've been rediscovering Les Mis; I haven't been "into" it much lately and I'd forgotten how much I love it. :)  VIVE LA ENJOLRAS! :D

 As I mentioned before, I've been listening to Les Mis.  Besides that, I've also been re-introducing myself to Cinderella (2013), playing Wicked/Frozen/both (some of the W/F crossover fanvids are really amazing, btw) almost non-stop, and acquainting myself with the music of Captain America: The First Avenger and its sequel.

So basically, life has just been its normal (at least for me ;P) self for the past month or so.  That's not to say it hasn't been delightful.  I certainly haven't been doing much in the way of Great Works, but I've grown closer to God, family and friends, had some pretty awesome experiences, and just enjoyed life.  It's been kind of nice, having a short break from blogging, but don't worry, I'm not quitting--coming back makes me realize that I have missed it quite a lot (no, it means don't get shot. :P).  So here's some virtual chocolate (fine, yes, you can have mint chocolate, Pascal) for all my AMAZING followers, commenters, and even Shady Blog Stalkers.  I'm so glad you consider my posts worth your time. :)
-Miss Jane Bennet


Ivy Miranda said...

Seems like forever since I've read a blog post from you! Being busy is a good thing though : )

Eva Schon said...

Hehe...I lurve reading your posts because they're like little treasure chests chock-full of stuff that makes me go IUTR and just...yeah. I love it. The fact that I knew pretty much all of this didn't lessen my enjoyment at all ;)

Your dear chameleon,

An Elven Princess said...

Awesomeness! Loved reading about what's been going on lately for you. (:

And, Cap 2 -- I will not say anything except that you need to see it. ;D

Natalie said...

I ship Hans and Elsa too!! I think they would be so cute together......if Hans repented and became a good guy. :) Before I knew anything about Frozen I assumed Hans and Elsa ended up together, and so was a little disappointed that he was bad and all that.
I love Star Wars too!
Anyways, welcome back from your no-blogging vacation!!! :)

Melody said...

And um... how, exactly, does one ship Elsa and Hans??? o.O

I watched the creepy episode of which you speak last night. Now you are seeing more than me. I feel sad. :P I CAUN'T CATCH UPPPP.

Heeheehee. It actually didn't freak me out as much as I was afraid it might, though. I think when I'm prepared for something to be a certain way I'm much more likely to handle it easily. ;)

Elizabethany said...

You're back! Missed you! :-) VIVE LES MIS!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Art thou calling ME a Shady Blog Stalker? I'm a perfectly *honest* blog stalker!
How'd you know you had readers who weren't leaving comments?

Rose P said...

Lovely to hear from you again.

But it seems like you have been busy with lot of important things - one can never use too much time fangirling over Frozen (I shipped Hans and Elsa too, until he turned out to be evil. Then I was just sad because I really was prepared to like him)

And you're brave, translating from German to English, must be quite a task.

Jack said...

The old Scooby Doos are a lot of fun. I watch them whenever I get a chance. They are some of my favourites.

I am hoping to buy Frozen soon as well. I liked it a lot and want to watch it again.

SHERLOCK!!! *Grin*

Your reading sounds like fun!

Evie Scott said...

Ooooooh what a lovely post! :) I am new to the blogging world and was wondering if you lovely people could check out my blog? Thanks ever so much

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Ivy Miranda,
Haha, well, thankfully it hasn't been *that* long. ;) It is! I'm glad to get back to blogging, though. =)

Hehehehehe. Well. I was thinking of you as I wrote this, in case you couldn't tell. ;) (Though YOU certainly haven't had any shortage of my Inspiring Words lately..;))
-Galannaleya (You can gueesss what the extra "a" is for, right? ;D)

An Elven Princess,
Glad you liked my post! :) And I am FIRMLY of your opinion when it comes to CA: TWS. ;)

Well, I knew that Hans was evil before I watched the movie (I was Bad and looked up spoilers), but I have come up with many, many excuses for him. :P And I think he and Elsa would be PERFECT together. They even both wear gloves, have something to hide, and have been treated like they're invisible. ;)
Ah, a fellow Star Wars nerd! :D Do you prefer the prequels or the originals? Or no preference? It's the most important question, you know, though I don't mind if your opinion is different. ;)

Rose, think up an excuse to make Hans a good guy, and then write fanfiction about it. :P
...Which is basically the truth. Only I don't write fanfiction; I just watched some Hans/Elsa videos, saw edits, and fell in love with the ship. (Can one fall in love with two people falling in love? Hmmm...)
I STILL haven't watched TRF, though, so perhaps you are Ahead Now. Haha. And I will maybe not be able to watch it till you get back, because it's of Limited Availability at my library and it must needs be returned tomorrow. Sigh.
That's good! It didn't freak me out too much either, but it certainly wasn't very Warm And Fuzzy. :P

Aw, thanks! :) *CHEERS* Vive la France! :D

Well, I get more pageviews than I have followers or commenters, so there must be SOME people who read my blog and don't tell me. ;)
...Actually, it's a lot less sophisticated than that. I used to be one myself before I got an account, so I figured that there must be blog stalkers out there besides me. Haha. Turns out I was right...though I'm sure you are very respectable. "Shady Blog Stalker" just sounds good for some reason. ;)

Rose P,
Thanks! :) Hahaha, noooope! (In Olaf's voice, of course.) Well, that's what fan theories are for. And just singing, "LALA I CAN'T HEEEAR YOU," during the Bad Hans parts. :P
It is! I'm just taking it a page at a time, though, and hopefully I'll be done in a year or two. (Kidding. Actually not kidding. ;))

Indeed! "Fun" is a very good word to describe them. And I'm planning on adding Tangled to my collection now. ;)
Hehehe...yup, pretty much. :D
Oh, it is! I love reading. ;)

I enjoyed your first posts muchly! Glad you like mine! =)

Natalie said...

Haha, I was the exact opposite. I tried as hard as I could NOT to find out any spoilers. But when browsing Pinterest I started to get wind of what was going to happen with Hans. I actually thought that his heart would get frozen, so it was surprising that his heart was frozen ALL a different sense from Anna's frozen heart.
But yes, I think with some major changes Hans could be perfect with Elsa.
I am an original trilogy girl ALL the way. I know some people hate the prequels, but I actually don't mind them. I actually like the general story, they're just not as good as the originals. I haven't seen eps. 3 though. So I can't give my opinion on that!
Which do you like better?