Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Marvel Interview

*ahem*  I'd like to introduce all of you to Eva, the proprietor of Ramblings of a Janeite.  Not only is she my Frozen sister and Bestie Dearest, she's also responsible for my beautiful new header and background.  Thank you very much, m'dear! (She has a multitude of other Talents and Virtues, as well, but they're too numerous to list here.)
One of her passions happens to be Marvel--more specifically, Steve Rogers' hair the Avengers.  She graciously granted me an interview on the subject, so without further ado, here she is!

~How did you get interested in Marvel/the Avengers?  
Well, when I first started blogging seriously, I noticed that several of my blogging friends had watched Captain America: The First Avenger, and had really enjoyed it.  Around that time, my brother got a free Captain America/Thor comic book, which cemented his opinion that Captain America was his favorite superhero.  It started to rub off on me, so when I saw that CA: TFA was available on Netflix, I asked my Dad if my siblings and I could watch it.  He said no, and I forgot about the whole thing.  Several months later, he and my mom did end up watching it, and they said my three older siblings and I could watch it (but not the little kids, because of Red Skull).  I watched it and instantly fell in love with Steve Rogers and, by extension, the Marvelverse.

~How many of the movies have you seen?  
Only one, sadly.  Captain America: The First Avenger (about seven times and, no, I'm not tired of it).  My dad doesn't like any of the other superheroes, so I haven't watched any other of the movies (when I grow up...).  I am very much looking forward to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, even though I have to wait for its release on DVD.  However, even though I haven't seen any other Marvel movies, I've watched clips on Youtube, seen a gajillion pins on Pinterest, read synopsises on Wikipedia, and listened to friends who have seen the Avengers' films.  So I still feel qualified to answer these questions :)

 ~Who is your favorite Avenger?  
STEVEROGERSSTEVEROGERSSTEVEROGERSTHEEND.  Okay, I'll elaborate a leetle bit more: I don't love Steve Rogers because of his amazing good looks (although, really, those never hurt when you're a superhero ;)), or his muscles, or the fact that he can kill bad guys with the best of them (is that an oxymoron?).  I mean, I loved Steve before his augmentation.  A lot (the grenade scene, anyone?).  It's what he is on the inside that I love.  An old-fashioned gentleman, with a strong moral compass, a compassionate heart, and a huge amount of patriotism.  The fact that he's willing to live and die for what he believes in speaks volumes about the kind of person he is.  I love that he's not flashy like Iron Man, or other-earthly like Thor, or insane when he becomes mad like The Hulk (the other augmented member of the Avengers team).  And he's adorkably awesome.  Shout-out to Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff: The archer who wouldn't give in, even when he was under Loki's control, and the girl from Russia who wants to wipe the red out of her ledger.  I love them both.  Almost as much as Steve, which is saying a lot.

~Least favorite?  
Tony Stark.  I loathe him with unadulterated loathing. *crickets* Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but I still think he's an arrogant playboy with serious attitude problems.  I understand the whole thing about him going on the one way trip to get rid of the atomic bomb (or whatever is was), and I'm not playing that down, but the bad still outweighs the good, in my opinion.  I know he's hilarious, handsome (okay, that's debatable, but most everyone thinks he is, so...), a billionaire, a genius, and a bunch of other stuff, but he's still my least favorite.  He fights with Steve!  He mocks Coulson!  He's rude to everyone!  The list could go on and on...

 ~Which one do you think is most like you?  
I think it would be, um...Bruce Banner/The Hulk.  Because I'm normally pretty mild-mannered and non-demonstrative when it comes to showing my emotions, but I get angry easily (something I am trying to work on) and then I yell and do Other Unpleasant Things (wow...this is getting personal).  Oh, and I'm very tech-minded (SCIENCE BROS FOREVER!).  At least I don't lose control and turn into a giant green rage monster...

~Which Avenger movie--barring The Winter Soldier--would you be most excited to watch?  BARRING THE WINTER SOLDIER????  Come on. Fine.  The Avengers.  Because neither Clint nor Natasha have a movie all to themselves, and I'm not really interested in watching any of the separate movies for Thor, Iron Man, or The Hulk.  And if I watched The Avengers, I'd get a good overview of everyone, and be able to see Coulson and all the tragic parts (THE TRADING CARDS) and all the Clintasha moments.  So that's what I choose.

~Which Avenger (except Cap, Eva!) would you most like to assist?  
Hmmmm...seeing as the only other two I really like are Clint and Natasha and Natasha and I would not get along well (at least I don't think we would), I'll go with Clint (wow - the thought of that is 'epic-ing' me out).  I could make sure he never ran out of arrows and that he stayed far away from Loki and his 'glow stick of destiny'.  But our relationship would always be platonic because if Natasha ever thought there was anything going on between us, she'd probably assassinate me.  Not to say she isn't nice, but just...yeah.  It would be better to keep everything simple ;)

~Which of their costumes is your favorite?
Asgardian capes are awesome.  Just saying.

~What Avengers do you ship, if any?  
*rubs hands together gleefully*  I do indeed.  My current OTP (One True Pairing) is...CLINTASHA (Clint/Natasha).  They are such an amazing ship.  For starters, they're not actually a canon ship, but they are so close to being canon it's insane.  I've probably watched every Clintasha scene in The Avengers (courtesy of Youtube), plus some gorgeous fan-videos, so I feel well-versed in their relationship.  There is so much sub-text in their scenes (BUDAPEST, anyone?), and the chemistry between them is some of the best I've seen in an onscreen couple (and they look perfect together...not a must, but it helps).  Of course, all that delightful romantic stuff just makes Clint-being-brainwashed-and-trying-to-kill-everyone even harder to stomach.  So. Much. Harder.

~Which villain do you think is the best (i.e. most believable)?  

There are only three Marvel villains I know enough about to have them contending for the answer to this question - Loki, Red Skull, and The Winter Soldier.  Red Skull is evil, plain and simple.  There is no redeeming quality about him, no human side to him, no vulnerable spot.  Which, in my opinion, makes him Not Much Of A Believable Villain.  Whereas Loki (the ultimate sympathetic villain), and The Winter Soldier (who people are calling 'the new Loki') are evil, human, flawed, believable, worthy-of-fangirl-tears, and handsome...wait.  How did that get in there?  Anyway...I haven't seen any of 'their' movies, and I honestly can't decide.  Really.  Don't ask me.  I'm biased toward The Winter Soldier (for obvious reasons), but Loki is the epitome of The Villain, so...no idea.

~Besides Bucky, who are your favorite sidekicks/love interests of the different Avengers?  

Aw, don't take Bucky out of the picture!  Welll...fine.  But let me just say that Bucky is the most awesome side character ever to grace the screen of any movie, and I love him dearly.  Almost as much as Steve.  So, besides Bucky, I would say Peggy Carter and Phil Coulson.  Peggy is an amazing heroine.  She has strength/fighting abilities but she tempers that with a more feminine side and she does it well.  She was always there for Steve - during his augmentation, getting Howard to help him get to the Hydra base, comforting him after Bucky died, or setting a date/time/place for the date that never happened while his plane was hurtling toward icy water.  And from what I've heard of CA: TWS, she's still there for him, even in modern times.  As for Phil Coulson...in my opinion, he's one of the best characters Marvel ever created.  He's had an obsession with Captain America ever since he was a little kid (and has several vintage playing cards of Cap to prove it), so when he actually got to meet Cap, he was pretty much speechless (except for what could be termed the most awkward moment in Marvel history - "I watched you while you were sleeping").  But besides his admiration for Steve, which I think is pretty cool, he's a great person in his own right.  He has high ideals and he isn't afraid to speak out about them (I'm mainly thinking of his little talk with Loki during The Tragic Scene).  I sometimes wonder if that came of how he made Steve his role-model.  He's hugely courageous, funny, and the all around good guy.  I'm team #IBelieveInPhilCoulson.  Just so you know.


Thanks bunches for doing this interview, Eva!  

-Miss Jane Bennet


Eva said...

I'm just going to say...

I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES ESPECIALLY THE CLINTASHA ONE. And the GIF of Steve grinning. And Coulsonnnnnnn. And the Science Bros. AND the capes.


Let's just say...I love it all! ;)

Thanks so much for having me! It was tons of fun (as I'm sure you know).


Jack said...

Captain America is wonderful. I am hoping to see The Winter Soldier Friday.