Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Frozen: A Review

I got to see Disney's Frozen a few days ago, and since I haven't been posting much lately (sorry, everyone!  Life got in the way...), I thought I'd write up a review sooner rather than later.
Let me see, where to start?  Oh yes, characters...(can you tell I'm a little scatterbrained lately?  This is what comes of too little sleep. *le sigh*)

Old Disney Frozen logo. Wowwwwwww look at how gorgeous it was!
This is the original logo for Frozen.  Isn't it pretty?
Okay.  First of all, there will be spoilers in this review.  If you haven't seen Frozen yet and don't wish to know what happens, don't read on.
Frozen centers around two sisters, Elsa and Anna, the princesses of Arendelle.  Elsa was born with ice powers, but when she nearly kills her sister by accident with them when they were little, she shuts herself away from pretty much all human contact.  Anna's memory of the incident has been erased, so she can't understand why Elsa has suddenly become so cold to her.  This continues until Elsa comes of age (at 21).  On her coronation day, her powers, uncontrolled, are revealed to everyone when she gets angry at her sister, and she flees the kingdom.  Anna, enlisting the help of an ice deliverer named Kristoff, sets off to find her and "make things right".

Elsa wasn't really the main character, but she was certainly a HUGE part of the movie.  I could definitely identify with her (in fact, I got her on nearly every single Frozen personality quizzes--and that never happens to me!  I also got a few Anna's and *cough* one Olaf, but that's beside the point.  Moving on...), and she managed to remain sympathetic and likeable throughout the film, although she could have easily been either annoying or evil.  Also, her ice powers (and all the animation, really) were GORGEOUS.  The entire "Let It Go" scene was simply amazing.

Anna was my favorite.  I'm nearly as awkward as she is, and to be honest, if I'd met Hans and he'd sung "Love Is An Open Door" with me, I probably would have fallen in love with him--although I'm pretty sure I wouldn't say yes to his proposal.  At least, not right away. :P
Anyways.  She was just so loving and open and sweet that I couldn't help liking her (plus I have a big weakness for self-sacrificial characters).  Her character development was also lovely; she changes throughout the film, but it's subtly enough that some of her actions still come as surprises, and by the end I admired her as well as thinking she was sweet.

I knew about the big twist with Hans before I saw this movie, but it still took me by surprise.  He was so nice throughout most of the movie that I found myself wishing he'd actually be what he appeared. *sigh*   His character was still believable, though.

Kristoff.  What do I think about Kristoff?  Well, he was nice, and strong, and courageous, and honorable...in short, I liked him a lot.  His reindeer's cute (although his habit of talking for Sven was kinda weird, IMO).  Oh, and his romance with Anna was gorgeous and believable, although they still should have gotten a duet.  Their kiss at the end was nearly as good, though. <3 nbsp="" p="">Olaf the Warm Hug Snowman (snowman!) had a very funny nose (like a unicorn!).
...Please tell me I wasn't the only one who thought that when I watched his first scene?
Um, anyways. ;)  He was cute.  I thought he'd be kind of dumb, because his appearances in the trailers, &c. were rather underwhelming, but he actually served as a welcome comic relief and his kind heart more than made up for any deficiency in brains. ;)

Wow, this post is long...I'll wrap it up soon, I promise.  The animation was amazing, and not just the snow, either.  The work that went into this, like Elsa's wisps of hair during "Let It Go" and the way the sun glanced off the ice just right, is very, VERY impressive.  Also, there were some little "easter eggs," which I thoroughly enjoyed spotting.  Rapunzel and Flynn getting a tiny cameo, Mickey Mouse in Oaken's Trading Post, and the painting from Tangled in "For the First Time In Forever" were the ones I noticed.
Do you see them? =)

Speaking of "For the First Time In Forever," the songs were all just amazing.  My favorite is probably FTFTIF (that looked like Owl's birthday message to Eeyore :P), but I liked every other piece of music in the movie except "Fixer-Upper".   And even that had a catchy tune.
In conclusion?  I really, really liked this movie.  Sure, there were some flaws, but the message and plot were strong, the characters were lovable, the music and animation were gorgeous, and it certainly didn't follow the typical Disney stereotype.  (Not that I especially mind the typical Disney Princess movie...but it was very refreshing to have familial love being the focus instead of romantic love.)  I can't wait for it to go on Broadway!

Oh, and as Frozen and Tangled are the most recent princess movies from Disney, they've been compared a lot.  My thoughts?  I couldn't decide between them for a long time, but after watching both within a week or so of each other, I decided that...*cough*IpreferTangledjustatinybit*cough*
Please don't kill me. ;)


Xochitl said...

I haven't seen this, but after hearing everyone say how good it is, I'm acutally a bit jealous! ;)
I saw the Let It Go sequence on youtube though, and the animation in that is just... wow. So amazing. I *sort* of prefer hand drawn animation, but it's quite wrong to say that CG animation doesn't require any work.
I guess what I'm trying to say in my own round-about-way is that I liked what you said here.
Forgive me for making that last line rhyme a bit. XD

Eva said...

Yes, yes, and yes, dear Anna.

I agree with every single thing you said :) EXCEPT Tangled being better than Frozen. But other than that, I had no problem with your review =)

Lots of love and mint chocolate!

Miss Jane Bennet said...

I'm glad you liked my review! You should definitely see it if you get a chance! (And I'd love to hear a review of it on your blog once you've seen it. :)

My dahling Elsaba,
Yes, well, I suppose we must agree to disagree on this one--although perhaps I will change my mind once I see Frozen again. ;)

Mint chocolate forever! *hugs*