Sunday, November 24, 2013

I've Been Tagged!

The lovely Elizabethany over at An Accomplished Young Lady gave me the Friends Award, so I'm filling out the tag!  It's a new one and it looks quite fun. :)


1. Let your tagger know that you received notification.

2. Post the award picture and rules to your blog,

and answer your tagger's five questions.

3. Tag five blogger-friends, but at least ONE OF THEM



4. Give them five questions and notify them that you have tagged them.

5. (Optional Rule: Give your readers a friendship quote at the

end of your tag post : )

[P.S. You may tag group-bloggers]

The Questions

1. What is your favourite colour?

2. What food would you never eat and why?

3. Do you have a favourite place to meet with your friends?

4. What do you and your friends like doing together?

5. How do you greet your friends every time you meet them? What about on Blogger?

My Answers:

1. Umm...probably red, like the blood of angry men.  I also like silver, purple, indigo (yes, there is a difference...), and bronze.  

 2. Um...monkey brains?  I don't know.  I'm willing to try a lot of new foods, so it would have to be something pretty weird.

3. Church, probably.

4. Fangirling. :P  Having Deep Conversations, silly debates, playing games that make us howl with laughter...that sort of thing. ;)

5. Mostly with a resounding, "Heyyyy!"  Or a simple, "Hi" if I'm tired.  Or sometimes, I just dive right in. ;)

My Questions:
1. Do you like coffee plain or with sweetener?  Or do you not like it at all?
2. Name two of your favorite historical hero/heroines.
3. Who do you prefer: Enjolras or Sir Percy?
4. What's one "go-to" Bible verse you have?
5. If you could enter into the world of one story and have the villain capture you, the hero rescue you, and the heroine give you her wardrobe, which story would you choose?

The Five Friends I'm Tagging:

And the friendship quote:


Natalie said...

I was wondering-when you tag someone how do you let them know you tagged them? Just by a comment? That was probably a really obvious question, but I'm still new to blogging and was wondering for any future tagging I might do! :) Thanks.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

It wasn't an obvious question, don't worry; I had some trouble with that too. :) You can just leave a comment and let them know. :)
Oh, and btw, I loved your review of Soul Surfer! It's a really good movie. :)

Natalie said...

Thanks so much! Okay, I'm glad I wasn't the only one. :)
I'm glad you liked it! Thank you!

Eva said...

Awww, thanks so much for tagging me! Unfortunately, I won't be able to do this - I'm too busy right now :P But thanks again for thinking of me


Miss Jane Bennet said...

You're very welcome! :)

Well, thanks for letting me know! :)

Xochitl said...

That's a beautiful quote from C.S. Lewis that you put up there, and it's so completely true.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

I definitely think so too! He has some amazing quotes. :)