Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For the Month of October...

Well, Celebrate Musicals Week is over, and October has started.  This is just going to be a quick note letting you know what I'm doing this month.
I was really enjoying the Jane Austen Challenge I've been doing- blogging only about Jane Austen has been encouraging me to read the books again, watch adaptations I haven't seen, and just do more JA research in general.  So, I am going to be continuing the Jane Austen Challenge for the month of October! *wild cheering*
Anyway.  So, the rundown: I'll be posting only on Jane Austen for the whole of October, except for reviewing one very special movie.
And this post is really short, so I'll leave you with one of my favorite JA moments ever.


Anonymous said...

All Jane Austen for this month? *dies of joy* I certainly look forward to it! xD

Melody said...

*cheers wildly*
Yays! I'll be looking forward to that. :D Hey, if you want suggestions or anything feel free to ask me... you could email me via the P&P95 Club email, or just comment. Heehee.
And excellent Jane Austen moment you chose there. :D

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Thank you! I'm certainly looking forward to it as well. :)

Thank you for the offer! I will probably be emailing you; it can be hard thinking of JA-themed things that haven't already been covered too extensively. Plus, I'm not exactly an expert in JA things- I could use a little help! :)
And ohhhhh, yes. I love that dance. It's so gorgeous and romantic...*siiiigh* I want Mr. Knightley. (Don't we all?) ;)