Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Heroes of Jane Austen

Well, I was rather puzzled as to what to post, until the lovely Melody gave me this idea.  I'm going to rank the heroes of Austen, from favorite to least-favorite.

1. Mr. Knightley
 Even back in the days when I thought Emma was the dullest, driest book in existence, I liked Mr. Knightley. He's a true gentleman, sensible, brave, honorable and compassionate.  When I became a complete JA fan, Mr. Knightley, of course, became my favorite JA hero and quite possibly my favorite literary hero ever.  He's the kind of guy I'd like to marry someday.

2. Mr. Tilney
 Mr. Tilney, another one of my favorite literary heroes ever.  He's honorable and brave like Mr. Knightley, with a unique sense of humor.  He'll do anything for the people he loves, and refuses to back down when he's standing up for what's right.
3. Mr. Darcy
I do like Mr. Darcy very much, notwithstanding his silly habit of getting wet.  He has many flaws, especially pride, but he tries to better himself for Elizabeth.  He loves his family and friends and always tries to do what's best for them.
4. Colonel Brandon
 Although he doesn't get nearly enough time to shine in S&S, I like this hero a lot.  He loves Marianne, but because she loves Willoughby at the time,  he doesn't say anything about Willoughby's character or try to court her himself.  He's compassionate (giving Delaford to Edward?), selfless, and wise.
5. Edmund Bertram 
Edmund Bertram...the first word that comes to mind is meh.  I don't especially like this Austen hero, honestly.  He doesn't have much discernment or force of character.  However, that being said, I do think he's an okay hero.
6. Captain Wentworth
I think Captain Wentworth is a somewhat unworthy guy.  When Anne is pressured into breaking their engagement, he goes off in a rage and tries to completely forget about her.  Meeting her again by chance eight years later, he flirts with two girls in front of her to spite her.  However, as he realizes what a treasure Anne's heart is, he becomes more likeable and I do sigh over his letter.
7. Edward Ferrars 
 Edward Ferrars.  My last post was about him and why I don't like him, which is why he's at the bottom of this list.  He's weak, selfish, and spoiled.  If you want my opinion of him in full, you can read my post on him here.

Who are your favorite Austen heroes?  How would you rank them?


Melody said...

Edward is nooot either selfish. He was caught in a tough spot; it would have been both selfish and dishonorable to have broken off his engagement with Lucy because he found somebody he liked better--at least that's how the situation looks from the sidelines, haha--but he didn't. But things turned out because he did the right thing.

Anyways. I'm not a big Wentworth fan, but I do like him better than you do. ;) Aaaand you have the same top three favorites that I do (ha, I was asking you about that in the email I'm currently writing--I hope to finish it soon!). Not in the same order, but hey. Heehee.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Miss Jane Bennet!!! This is Anna S. from A Cowgirl and a Dream!! I am holding a tag over at my blog and wondered if you would be interested in doing it! if not, could you maybe get the word out a bit? So far I have no tags (hides behind a red curtain in embarrassment) and with me being new to the blogging world, I was wondering if an awesome blog like yours could help me out a bit! If so, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! If not, thank you so much anyways!!!
~ Anna S.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Well, if he wasn't selfish, why didn't he stay away from Elinor? That's my reasoning, anyway. However, I do admit that he has some good points. :)
I got your email- I'm hoping to send mine off to you soon! :)

Well, sadly I can't do the tag because of my JA Challenge, but it looks quite fun and I will try to spread the word! :)

Thank you both for commenting! :)

Melody said...

Becaaaause *breaks into song* when love commands, the heart must obeeeeey!
Ahem, that's from the S&S musical. :P (I have songs from that if you're ever interested.)
I really think that he wasn't trying to engage her heart... he was just getting to know her as a friend (which she needed!) and the other thing just Kind Of Happened. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Okay, thank you so much anyways for commenting back!!!
~ Anna S.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

I would love to learn more about the S&S musical, if you'd send me a soundtrack or something. :)
Well, like I said before, I guess we just have different interpretations of his character. :)

Anna S.,
It looks like you're getting some people to do the tag- it's quite fun and I would love to do it myself sometime. Would you take it on November 1st? :)