Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Promised Answers Post

Hello, everyone!  I am here, right on schedule (applause please!) to answer all the questions my lovely followers have asked.

~Favorite actor and actress? favorite actor/actress sort of switches depending on what movies I've watched recently. :P  However, Colin Firth has been a favorite of mine for awhile, so I guess we'll go with him.  I think my favorite actress (assuming we're talking TV/movies here; if we include musicals, that complicates things :D) would be...Romola Garai, maybe? 
 (And please, everybody, keep in mind that I'm talking more about the characters these people play than the people themselves.  I don't really know much about actors' private lives, as a general rule. :P) 
(Random picture of Mr Darcy smiling.  Heehee.)

Joanna asked...
~Do you like The Fiddler on the Roof? Would you consider it a classic?
Actually, I have never listened to or watched it, haha.  Most of the people I know who have watched it do like it, though, so I guess it could probably be considered a classic?  I don't know. ;)

Naomi Bennet asked...
~Do you have siblings?
 Yes, I do!  I'm the eldest of seven, total.

~Do you share a room with one of them?
 Again, yes--my sister.

~What's the desktop picture of your laptop currently?
Michael Ball as Marius in the 10th Anniversary Concert of Les Mis. 

~Have you read Rilla of Ingleside? What are your opinions?
I love Rilla of Ingleside!  It might be my favorite of all the Anne books--no, wait, I prefer Anne of the Island. :P  Philippa Gordon is amazing...but I digress.  I actually wrote a review of it last year.  If you want the shorter version: it's amazing.  The end.

Eva asked...
~What are some TV shows you've watched recently and what do you think of them?
Well, I watched four episodes of Sherlock last year; is that recent enough?  I liked it very much and I hope to watch some more sometime in the future.  Ummm, I watched a bit of Road to Avonlea a few months ago.  It was charming (like country manners *bright smile*), and I loved picking out the different L. M. Montgomery references.  The very latest TV show I watched was Doctor Who; I started watching it last month and liked it, but ended up just forgetting about it, haha.

~What's your favorite Calvin and Hobbes joke?
Probably this one:

~Which literary character do you think you're the most like?
I can't pick!  Um, I guess a mixture of Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey and Tacy from Betsy-Tacy

~What was the last book/movie/fandom thing that made you cry? Made you laugh?
Made me laugh: The Lake Scene from P&P95.  "Are you SURE your sisters are well?  Really, really sure?"
Made me cry: when Betsy isn't chosen for the Essay Contest in Betsy Was a Junior.

 ~What's your go-to snack?
Chocolate. :D

~Have you ever worn a really fancy hat? Fancy gloves?
Yes!  I own fancy gloves, but I don't think I've ever worn them anywhere.  A fancy hat, on the other hand...I wore a Fun Fancy Hat when I attended a performance of My Fair Lady live.  It was amazing.

~Who's your favorite author? Least favorite author?
Favorite author: Jane Austen, who else?
Least favorite author: Ummm...Veronica Roth, maybe? :P 

~What's your current favorite book? Favorite movie? Favorite musical?
Favorite book: Jane Austen books. :D  And the Betsy-Tacy series. 
Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice (1995)
Favorite musical: Can anyone guess this one? :P

~Is there any question you wished someone had asked, but didn't? (feel free to answer it yourself, of course ;))
 Hmmm...actually, no.  That's kind of weird--usually I can think of a number of questions I'd like to be asked at any given time, but now now.  Huh.

Monica asked...
~Have you ever been to any national parks, like Yosemite or Yellowstone?
Nope!  I would like to visit one sometime, but as yet I have not.

Miss Elliot asked:
~Favorite book so far this month? (Awkwardly worded. Heh.)

It's a tie between Betsy's Wedding, Betsy Was a Junior, Northanger Abbey, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice.  Haha.

~Number of siblings?
Six!  Two sisters and four brothers.

~Character in a period drama you look like the most?
...I actually have no idea.  I can't think of a single one who looks like me.  If you want book characters, that's another story, but...I literally can't think of anyone. :P

~Favorite (at the moment, at least ;-)) costume in a period drama?
Oooooh!  Um, um...too many amazing dresses!!  Okay, I think my two favorites are Maria Lucas's Netherfield Ball dress (seen here--she's on the left) and Emma's Highbury Market dress (here).

~Favorite breakfast food?
Cold cereal of almost any kind, and egg sandwiches.  Not together, of course.

~Favorite movie made prior to 1950?
Les Mis√©rables (1934).  It's black and white, in French, and almost five hours long, and it is SO AWESOME.  I absolutely adore it (and am still meaning to write a review of it :P).

~Gush about The Scarlet Pimpernel for a minute. Heehee. Or, if it MUST be a question, Favorite things about The Scarlet Pimpernel?
Bwahaha, what a delightful question! :D  I love his heroism, his adventurousness, his all-around epicness, his love of his wife, his willingness to sacrifice himself...and of course, Anthony Andrews.  Hehe. 

~Have you seen the BBC Sherlock? If so, what is thy royal opinion on it?
I have, indeed!  See my answer to Eva's question above for more information; I muchly enjoy it on the rare times I get to watch it. ;)

Elizabethany asked:
~Marius or Enjolras?
ENJOLRAS FOREVERRRRR.  Marius is okay, but...he doesn't compare. :P 

~Weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
Hmmm...a catfish sandwich, maybe?  I'm really not that adventurous about eating.

~First period drama you ever watched?
Um...goodness, I don't even know!  The Music Man, maybe.

~Favourite Bible verse?
Psalm 46:1-2 is my go-to answer, but there are so many verses I love now that I really can't answer that. :D

~Dream job? 
A librarian or an editor.

Evie Brandon asked:
~Sherlock or Doctor Who?
Sherlock, I think. Haha.

~Cumberbatch or Freeman?
Ahm...Benedict Cumberbatch. :D

Thanks again to everyone who commented for their submissions!


Beth said... :-P
No way! I want to be a librarian too! I even did some work experience at my local library, it is soo much fun!

Joanna said...

Awh, sometime when you have 4 hours to spare, you should watch The Fiddler on the Roof. It is so, so good. My mom doesn't like to watch movies, but she will sit down and watch that one, so I can tell you it's good. :-)

Naomi Bennet said...

Thanks for answering my questions, dear Jane. :-)
Oh, the oldest of seven children-how nice. :-) I'm the second of nine, and I also share a bedroom with one of my sisters. It's the best, no?
I enjoyed your Rilla of Ingleside review... and all the rest of this post.

Miss Elliot said...

I was actually really looking forward to this!! :-)
*pulls up comment form, settles back in chair*
YES yes yes. It definitely depends on which movies I've just watched. But Colin Firth... ahhh, good one there. And same for Romola Garai. *fangirly giggles*
I've never seen FOTR either! "Perhaps we should form a musical club! And have weekly meetings at your house or mine!" xD
Ooh, I'm the eldest of six! And you didn't say 'oldest', haha. I'd say too much Jane Austen but that would be an oxymoron. :-p
Micheal Ball... the dear man. ;-) My current laptop picture is of Helena Bonham-Carter sitting on top of Colin Firth. From The King's Speech. Heh.
YES YES YES RILLA OF INGLESIDE FOREVAH!! I love that one!! I read it several years ago. I need to dig that one out again; it could use a read.
Oooh, SHERLOCK!! You can watch the whole thing on Veoh, btw. There aren't any annoying ads and it loads pretty fast - once it gets started it keeps going with no interuptions.
HAAAAA country manners being charming. YES YES YES P&P95 FOREVER. ('Charles, you canNOT be serious.' I know that's from P&P05, hush).:-p
Heehee, Calvin and Hobbes. Love it! :-)
Yep, I'm pretty much Catharine Morland. And kind of Bilbo Baggins, come to think of it. (That was random.)
And chocolate....
Ohh, I want fancy gloves! A fancy hat would be nice - a hat from Downton Abbey perhaps, considering the lovely outfits I've seen in pictures from that show.
HAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Let's Build a Fort. I've seen that before on someone else's blog. Never fails to make me giggle! :-) People are mean to Les Mis. Seriously. 'I dreamed a dream and then died.' XD
Ooooh, Betsy-Tacy. They have all those at the library, and I read pretty much all of them. I need to read them again, though. They're sooo sweet!
And I have five siblings! :-)
YES YES Emma's dress. <3
I love cold cereal too!! Eggs... ummm, not so much.
YAY Les Mis!! Can't wait to read that review. Wow, it's in French?? Exciting!!!
Haha, yes. One of the best things - maybe The Best Thing - about the Scarlet Pimpernel is Anthony Andrews. Yep.
Well, it's wayyy past my bedtime. Loved this post, m'dear Miss Jane. Have a lovely day! :-)

Emily Blakeney said...

Let's Build A Fort must be the best musical. And The Barricade Boys are totally the best EVER boy band :)

Beth and I debate over Marius/Enjolras. I say equal. I usually go for the less-favoured (in this case, Marius). I like Marius. That is all. (But yes, Enjo is REALLY REALLY COOL!!!)


Jack said...

I've never met anyone who has read the Betsy books! This makes me happy!

Jerica S said...

Fun post!
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