Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy Late New Year's...

Happy 2015, everybody!  Good grief, it's amazing how fast 2014 went.  In any case, this is not a New Year's post per se--more just an Update Post.
I did succeed at my Tolkien Challenge, though I did not post as much as I'd have liked.  However, maybe I'll do another one this year.  In any case, I can still post about such things, just not exclusively. ;-) (Yes, I saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, the Friday after it was released.  Yes, I loved it, yes, I cried, and yes, I ship Kiliel.  I've been putting off reviewing it until it's released on DVD so I can review the trilogy as a whole.)
I'm making it my goal this January to publish all my tag answers--hopefully I'll get some more things in, but there's a lot of IRL busyness I've pushed aside over the holidays that now needs attending to, so we'll see. 
I think that's about it for now; I hope everyone had a lovely New Year's!


Elizabeth Anne D. said...

Happy New Year to you as well! Wasn't BOTFA amazing? I cried a lot, especially when certain people died... And I'd love to see all of the tag answers. (-:

Miss Elliot said...

Happy New Year, m'dear! :-) I hope you had a lovely Christmas. And I can't wait to hear about The Hobbit - I've heard lots of *ahem* different things about it. Heh.
I can't wait to see your tag answers as well!! :-)
And have you seen S3 of Sherlock yet?? Filming for S4 starts this month. SQUEEEP.

Elizabeth Anne D. said...
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Miss Jane Bennet said...

Elizabeth Anne D.,
Thank you! UGHHH, I know, right?? I cried SO hard when Thorin died. :'( I'm glad you're looking forward to them! They oughtn't take too much time now. ;)

Miss Elliot,
Thank you very much--same to you! :-) I did indeed have a great Christmas; I got Tolkien- and JA-themed Things, so my presents were satisfying. Heehee.
Haha, I have too--most of the reviews seem to be negative, but I absolutely adore the movies now, even if they're not quite the same as LotR. Have you seen BotFA yet? (Forgive me if I've asked you this already.)
I have not yet seen it--BUT my parents have Approved the first episode. And my mom still wants to watch the rest of S3. So we're getting closer. ;-)
MEEP!! Oh goodness, it's the year of Star Wars 7, Avengers 2, and the Sherlock Christmas special. SO. EXCITED.

Miss Elliot said...

*I* got the Les Mis highlights soundtrack. Which is awesome, but it doesn't have ALFOR or Look Down the Reprise, or DYHTPS. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE.
No, I've not seen any of the Hobbit movies. I feel like if I watched them I'd be too "noooo that's wrong they are making the movie wrong, they didn't jump into barrels, Bilbo packed them in, blah blah blah". Heh. I just wouldn't want my imagination of it to be 'spoiled' by the movie. But maybe I'll watch them sometime. The trailers look AMAZING. The bit in An Unexpected Journey where Thorin is singing the song in Bilbo's house... ahhhhhh. Oh by the way, have you seen North and South yet? Because, y'know, Richard Armitage. Heehee.

Aibhilin (Evelyn) said...

Happy Belated Christmas and New Year m'dear! I'm so sorry I haven't commented in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaageeeeeees..

When you have time we need to have a nice fangirly post about Phantom or somthing :D


Reyna Nicole said...

I tagged you for a BOTFA Q&A if you're interested. I know you have a lot of tags to do, but if you want another (HOBBIT) one, it's there. You can talk about Kiliel all you want *grimaces*. ;)

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Miss Elliot,
Haha, I can see what you mean--I HATED AUJ when it first came out (citing inaccuracy and stuff--I reread TH on purpose to point out all the flaws in the movie :P), but now I absolutely love the Hobbit trilogy. What do you know. XD
Noooo, I haven't--I really want to, though!! Especially now that I've fallen in love with Thorin, snorrrt. ;)

Thank you! And I'm sorry too--I haven't commented on your blog for awhile either. starting up again...&ct., &ct. Haha.
Anyways, ooh! Good idea! ;) I'm definitely going to try to do some nice fangirly posts about Things in the near future. We'll see whether I actually get to them, but I *will* try. And I really must listen to POTO again--I haven't sung along with it in ages. :D

Reyna Nicole,
Actuallyyy, I have less than I thought--it turns out I actually did more of the tags than I remembered. Haha.
Anyways. Thank you muchly! I shall definitely do it--I mean, another chance to sob about BotFA? Yes yes yes PLEASE! ;) And I'll attempt to keep the Kiliel rambling to a, perhaps I'll do a defense post of it sometime. :P (Haha, kidding. Mostly. ;-))

Jack said...

Happy Late New Years to you as well!!

THE HOBBIT! I loved that movie.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Thanks very much! And oooh, yay, another BOTFA fan!! :D What was your favorite part?