Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It Would Appear That No Author Has Ever Mentioned Sunflowers

 ...AKA I tried to find a witty way of saying I've been given the Sunflower Award, but couldn't find any Suitable Quotes.  Thanks for awarding me, Emily!  Without further ado, here are her questions...

1. Les Misérables or Pride & Prejudice?
Nooooo.  Nonononono.  I can't answer that. :D (Melody, I can hear you laughing...)
Hmmm, but on the other hand, I hate leaving these sorts of questions unanswered.  Sooooo...I choose Les Misérables.  For one thing, it has a better musical, and for another, I could give up Mr Darcy, but Enjolras?  Uh-uh.  Negative.  Not happening.

But lest I get mobbed by angry Janeites...I DO prefer Jane Austen to Victor Hugo.

2. Who is your favourite period drama gentleman? (P.S. Yes, Enjo is a gentleman in this case.)
Ehmmm...I think it would have to be...Mr. Tilney, because he's my favorite Austen hero and Austen heroes are my favorite gentlemen. ;)


3. Who is your favourite period drama woman/girl? (P.S. Not just 'heroines'.)
 Hum.  Well, as you might have guessed from my profile, I like Jane Bennet--she is indeed a "dear sweet girl".  I'm also rather fond of Eleanor Tilney and Cosette.

4. What period drama character would you like to meet in person, and why, and what would you say to them?
Oooh!  Um.  I can't decide! :D  Lizzy Bennet would be an obvious choice, because she would be a delightful conversationalist, but on the other hand...Georgiana Darcy would be nice too.  And I WOULD like to meet some of the Austen heroes, only I'd probably just get all tongue-tied and not be able to say anything to them at all. 

5. What period drama actor/actress would you like to meet in person, and why, and what would you say to them?
Oh my friends, my FRIENDS, don't aaaask me!  Ouch.  Samantha Barks would be nice, or Aaron Tveit, or Matthew Macfadyen so I can grumble at him about knights in pajamas Benedict Cumberbatch, or maybe Dan Stevens.  Because his Edward is amazing. :D


Melody said...

Jaaane, you sad girl!! Les Mis over P&P indeed! I am shocked, astonished! I hardly know what to say! :P
I could give up Enjolras about 100 times as easily as Mr. Darcy, incidentally. In fact I have no particular attachment to him except that I have Friends who do. HA.

Poor Mr. Darcy.
Poor P&P.
Poor Jane Austen! And nice save there, liking her better. :P
For my part, P&P is the greatest story of all time and I adore its light, bright, & sparkling-ness. It can hardly be compared, but as to personal taste I like it far better.

Of course, nobody asked for my opinion...


Oh, I like Eleanor Tilney too... always want to know more about her. :D

Dan Stevens... I'm sooo glad you liked his Edward. "I won't say I told you soooo..." I think I would love to meet Jennifer Ehle. Or Romola Garai. They're both Jane Austen fans and have played JA heroines... how cool is thaaat? :D
But then of course, somebody like the Cumberbunny or Tom Hiddleston would be cool because you could make everyone terribly jealous of you, haha. And they're both nice. :P

Emily said...

Yes, I was picking a hard one with P&P or Les Mis - *grins* - But, personally, I couldn't choose myself. If I had to choose between Enjolras or Mr. Darcy, I'd have to go with Enjo, just 'cos. :) (P.S. I'm listening to Red & Black now :).)

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Seeeeeee, I KNEW you were going to say something along those lines, and I didn't want to meet the sad fate of Miss Georgiana Darcy.
So I inserted a disclaimer. Handy things, disclaimers. Snorrrrrt.
Indeed yes (about Eleanor Tilney)! She's extremely sweet and well-bred and I wish we'd had a chance to see more of her...sigh. This seems to be the case with many JA characters. She should have just done something like Little Women and followed her characters through their whole lives. Then nobody would write Terrible Follow-Ups. :P
OH YES YES. Why didn't I think of that! Or Anna Chancellor, because she is Related To Jane Austen. Heeheehee. And she sounds nice in that one documentary...
It would be such FUN to get to mention how you'd met The Hiddles once, though. ;)

Heehee...I'm a rabid Enjolras fan, so I couldn't really choose otherwise, could I? And besides, Jane Austen has five other lovely amazing novels that I wouldn't have to give up. :P
Oooh, Red and Black! One of my faaaavorites. It's fun to belt out while cleaning the house. ;)